Why Is It So Important to Invest in Chocolate Packaging?

Dec. 15, 2021

Craft chocolate makers put a lot of effort into their products. They source the best cocoa beans from around the world and improve their skills to provide consumers with the best experience ever. But flavor has zero importance on the shelf. In the battle between high-priced chocolate bars, aesthetics are almost paramount.


When it comes to buying chocolate, the niche market of craft chocolate lovers knows which products are good value for money. They try many different brands and spend a lot of money. Based on their preferences, they know exactly which companies to buy from. But when it comes to chocolate, the public is not as picky.


If for professionals "good chocolate" means delicious, delicate, and delightful textures, for a broader audience "good chocolate" is simply a matter of overall enjoyment. It's not that the average consumer won't taste the differences between bars of the same price, but let's admit it: the different, subtle nuances in chocolate are only for a small group of chocolate lovers. Most chocolate consumers will describe chocolate as "good" and "nice" without mentioning any other unique qualities.


Thus, in a chocolate bar that is "good and nice" at the same price point, chocolate packaging plays a decisive role. If a chocolate company wants to beat the competition and have a larger audience than the chocolate-obsessed segment, it needs packaging that is incredibly attractive. Now there are at least two practical reasons for this.

 Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate bars are in direct competition with each other, but not just in theory.

A boutique chocolate store can hold up to 10 different bars on one shelf. Placed side by side like a beauty pageant, consumers can easily compare them at first glance. If the chocolate packaging looks good and acceptable on its own, it doesn't stand a chance in a professionally designed wrapper. The chocolate inside may be the tastiest, but it risks becoming a hidden treasure.


With the growing popularity of finely crafted chocolate, distributors with many brands are becoming the preferred buying option for consumers. Here, consumers can comfortably shop in one place and choose from a multitude of brands and flavors, a huge convenience they can't get in a single-brand store or on a website. Packaging will play an increasingly important role in the consumer's decision-making process.


Social media is increasingly important

Consumers are on their phones 24/7, and social media is now their biggest source of shopping inspiration. If there's one place where quality chocolate companies are needed, it's on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other online platforms that capture the attention of millions of consumers.


We are all human and are drawn to beautiful things, but in the age of social media, we also like to share the good things. Chocolate manufacturers need to take this into high consideration when choosing product packaging. Consumers love to play with photography, take pictures and share everything that happens in their lives, especially the products they are passionate about. They want to do it all in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

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