Luxury gift box wholesale

Luxury gift boxes wholesale can meet the needs of various industries, the price is favorable. Luxury gift boxes are very suitable for packaging high-end gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, candies, various gifts, books, decorations, etc. We provide customized services and ODM/OEM, and design exclusive gift boxes and brand logos for you according to your products .


We focus on luxury gift boxes wholesale, and we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of luxury gift boxes in China. We have rich experience in designing and producing gift boxes. Please contact us!


How to get the best luxury gift boxes wholesale order?

Customize/wholesale luxury gift boxes by color

Black, white, pink, red and blue gift boxes are matched with fixed ribbon ties, as well as windows, perforations, gold and silver foil, high-end silk and velvet coating materials, and the most important embossed brand elements, make these The packaging is very attractive to customers.


Customized/wholesale luxury gift boxes according to printing process/manufacturing process

Soft touch varnish, high-gloss coating water-based coating, matte lamination, UV depression, embossing, gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, flocking, textured bronzing and embossing logos and slogans improve the appearance of beauty, Including window cutouts, perforations, gold and silver foil, high-end silk and velvet coating materials, as well as the most important embossed blessing information and brand elements, the texture is more advanced.


Customize/wholesale luxury gift boxes by type

We provide a variety of styles of luxury gift boxes, including folding two-piece corner lock boxes, boxes with separate lids and bases, flat folding boxes, folding setting boxes, etc. Gift boxes range from folded cardboard to rigid set models in various colors. All our exquisite gift boxes are assembled in China, using environmentally friendly recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly chromatin.


Customized/wholesale luxury gift boxes according to purpose

Our customized luxury gift boxes can be used to add fun to any gift, such as wine, candles, jewelry, cosmetics, flowers, etc., and come in a variety of sizes, suitable for gifts of various sizes and shapes. Lined with our decorative or printed paper scraps, and decorated with beautiful ribbons or buckles, you will be able to provide the perfect luxury packaging for your products.


Luxury gift boxes by size

Our luxury gift boxes are available in various sizes: small, medium, large, oversized, etc., or you can contact us and send us the size you want, and we will design and manufacture it exclusively for you.


Luxury gift boxes divided by shape

Rectangular, square, cylindrical and other shapes


Why choose RX Packaging

For the sale of gifts, excellent packaging can not only increase the value of the gift but also have a promotional effect. Luxury gift boxes can attract potential customers because the customization and design of these packaging includes eye-catching graphics, high print quality and visual quality, and high product protection can improve customer satisfaction and help them make purchasing decisions. The primary function of gift boxes is to protect the integrity of the gift.


Manufacturing advantage

RX Packaging uses the latest packaging and printing technology on luxury gift boxes wholesale in order to provide our valuable customers with the best solutions. Our printing and customization experts are equipped with the latest technologies, such as offset printing, silk screen and digital printing technologies, which are closer to the printing quality required by our customers. Our goal is to make the luxury gift packaging produced as the perfect packaging and marketing tool for our customers' business, and to help them make the most of them.


Customization and design services

When you are choosing, you may encounter a variety of packaging solutions and designs for gift packaging. In this regard, RX Packaging has many years of experience in customization services, because we have a wide range of customization and design options for our decorative gift boxes wholesale. Our designers are equipped with a full range of tools and strategies to provide you with excellent packaging solutions in these customized gift packaging formats.


Preferential price

If the packaging cost is high, it will affect product sales. We can provide you with affordable prices but the quality is also guaranteed. We use cheap but high-quality packaging materials available in large quantities on the market. We have reliable raw material suppliers so we keep prices as low as possible.


Environmentally friendly material

We are well aware of the importance of green packaging to environmental health and human life; in this regard, we use high-quality but recyclable and reusable materials, such as cardboard and kraft paper. This factor helps our customers achieve environmentally friendly business conditions.


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of luxury gift boxes in the market, so we can provide you with long-term services and are your reliable partner. We provide customers with free design support to design the products they dream of in real life. Let us have the opportunity to prove our claims and obtain the expected results.

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