What does a successful packaging design need to achieve?

Dec. 07, 2022

      A successful packaging design is to understand consumers and make them think that the decision they have made is correct and rational. According to Jincai Packaging, a successful packaging design needs to achieve the following functions

     1. Attention must be drawn

     The packaging design doesn't ask to "scream" on the shelf, but it certainly does so by conveying the essence of the product's single selling proposition. All shapes, colors, directions and textures need to be effective. Even brands that pride themselves on understated or elegant packaging design often set them apart from the rest.

      2. Make brand and purpose clear

      Even the most common cheap brands have a clear product and purpose, otherwise no one would buy it because no one knows what it is for.

      3. Should evoke emotion

      Emotions are closely related to memory. For example, some brand designs will make consumers feel nostalgic, and some brand designs will make consumers feel joyful. Evoking emotions is more effective than bragging about the advantages and benefits of products because the human brain's emotions are a long-term memory.

      4. Should become a "marking asset"

      Not to say that all brands will achieve the effect of iconic assets, but packaging design must strive towards this as much as possible. The more iconic a brand's packaging design is, the easier it is for consumers to find it among its competitors. For example, Coca-Cola, Apple mobile phone and so on.

      What role does packaging design need to achieve? The above content is the detailed introduction of RX packaging for this issue. I believe that everyone can already pay attention to the link of packaging design.