The basic workflow of the color box

Dec. 08, 2022

      Many people are not very clear about the production process of color box packaging. Today, RX packaging will give you a brief introduction. I hope that through our introduction, you can understand color box packaging.

      1. Color box printing plan

      Color box printing planning is aimed at matching the theme of the design. For the printing method, layout size, the subject matter of the printed matter, the number of paper or printing colors, and even the selection of relevant processing manufacturers, etc., all must be carefully reviewed. Only by specific review can each production The process goes online smoothly and completes the exquisite finished product.

      2. Design and production

      Copywriting, design, layout planning, etc. according to the color box brush plan are the pre-production procedures for the finished manuscript. At the same time, it is also necessary to arrange photography and illustration drawing, and contact various manufacturers to coordinate the itinerary of the production room, so that each materialize the elements.

color box manufacturer-RX packaging

      3. Finished draft

      According to the first draft of the layout plan, arrange the copywriting, photos and illustrations, correct positions and correct color markings, etc. sequentially on the finished paper or electronically process the complete manuscript, and clearly indicate the special requirements of the plate making. This is a special requirement instruction, which is a pre-work for plate making.

      4. Production output and plate making

      After finishing the draft and entering plate making, the picture is scanned and separated by an electronic color separation machine, and the text and lines are photographed with a black and white camera, and the correct number of screens is punched out, and the text, illustrations, etc. are combined according to the instructions on the finished draft, and then the printing operation is carried out , Then print a color proof and send it back to the designer for proofreading. If it is done electronically, it is necessary to hand over the negatives to the output center. Be sure to fill in the input work sheet or instruction sheet in detail, clearly indicating the number of output lines, the number of pages in color and monochrome, whether there are characters and the number of specifications, etc. , Avoid communication errors, causing unnecessary losses.

      5. Proofreading homework

      This is the last step before printing, which is to check whether the color proofing conforms to the procedure indicated on the finished manuscript. When correcting colors and other corrections, you must write out specific and easy-to-understand text descriptions or position outlines with a red pen. Correctly communicate to the plate-making personnel to avoid unnecessary losses.

color box manufacturer-RX packaging

      6. Printing job

      Turn the corrected four-color screen into a printing plate, send it to the printing machine, and start the official printing. If you want to get the ideal printed product on the color box printing machine, you must first understand the printing factors, because there are many variable factors that have a great impact on the printing quality, therefore, you must have a certain and full understanding of these factors.

      7. Binding and processing operations

      Brochures, catalogs, booklets, etc., commonly known as DM, are the last procedure for color box printed matter, which is binding processing. Generally, cutting, crimping, folding, etc. are the most used for single-sheet flat printing. As for binding, it is based on Depends on the number of pages, type of paper, fineness, usage and purpose.