What is color packaging box bonding?

Dec. 06, 2022

      Due to the impact of the environment or salary, many color box packaging printing factories have a very frequent turnover rate of employees. Causes the problem of abnormal quality that is prone to occur in the manual bonding environment of color boxes. The employees of our bonding department have more than ten years of experience in manual color box bonding. I have compiled her experience into words to share with you several issues that should be paid attention to in the color box packaging bonding environment:

       1. When placing the color box packaging products, you have to choose the direction that you want to place, so that when you stick them together, you can quickly.

      2. When placing the product, the creases of the bell mouth of the color box packaging product must be aligned first, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes in the glue when the box is joined or glued.

      3. The gap between the two color boxes should not exceed the size of the glued side of the color box. If it exceeds, it will cause glue on the surface of the color box.

      4. When applying glue on the surface of the color box packaging, pay attention to the glue should be even, not too much, not too little.

      5. When connecting the boxes, if the position is a bit low, use the booster pad to make one side as high as possible, so as to ensure that the sticking is stable.

      6. After the bonding is completed, it must be pressed with a pressure plate for 10-15 minutes to ensure that the bonding position of the color box packaging is completely glued.

      The above is the color box packaging bonding experience shared by RX-packaging adhesive staff with more than ten years of experience. I hope you are more familiar with the process of color box packaging printing products.