The Purpose of Cosmetic Packaging

Jan. 12, 2022

Packaging in the cosmetics industry is based on an in-depth study of the human mind. Here's a deeper look at the purpose of cosmetic packaging and how it can help gain an edge over competitors.


Packaging is a core foundation for marketers to understand how consumers will respond to new packaging. Random or bland packaging is likely to get lost in the shuffle, so beauty products must be immediately pleasing to the eye.


Packaging Basics

Without a comprehensive study of how people react to cosmetics, the industry is like a roulette wheel. Selling beauty products has less to do with luck and more to do with capturing the imagination. Some of the ways researchers can learn which types of packaging work for cosmetics include


Motivation studies

Color tests

Psychological manipulation

There's a reason these studies have big budgets: they reveal the link between stimuli and human behavior. Finding out what motivates people to buy is only part of the puzzle that leads to sales. According to Fast Company, psychological manipulation is about the science of persuasion, which is based on how individuals respond to stimuli such as social influence, attitudes, information, initiation, favor, and scarcity.

Cosmetic Packaging

 Cosmetic Packaging

Making colors count

Color testing is important because it taps into an individual's emotional response to certain colors, shades, and color schemes. But it is important to remember that the data can be mixed, as each respondent has their own experience with color. Here's what researchers have found color means to the general consumer population.


Yellow: Optimism

Orange: Friendly

Red: Exciting

Purple: Creativity

Blue: Trust

Green: Peace

Gray: Balance

Interestingly, a study by the University of Winnipeg in Canada found that 90% of quick purchase decisions are based on color alone. another study published by Sage Journals found that the relationship between brand and color depends on the perception of how appropriate the color fits the brand. According to a study by Joe Hallock published in Entrepreneur, blue is by far the most popular color for both men and women.


Graphic design and other aesthetics

The design of a cosmetic container must be more than just practical. It should be artistic to the point that it is memorable and evokes emotion. While color is the primary concern, the design must also draw attention to the various messages printed on the packaging. Think of aesthetic beauty as the front end of the buying process, as it is usually the first impression made. Consumers will ultimately judge the overall quality based on utility after purchase.


Another reason that attention must be paid to cosmetic packaging aesthetics is that the product needs to stand out in the store display. With hundreds, if not thousands, of items available, consumers need to identify the item immediately so they are not distracted by a plethora of other marketing displays and messages inviting them to buy. It is important to remember that any given consumer may want to purchase multiple products, but may not necessarily have the budget to go on a massive shopping spree.


To build a competitive advantage, cosmetics need to immediately communicate beauty. It must also convey how to use the product in an appropriate manner. Eye makeup should portray beautiful eyes, just as lipstick should portray beautiful lips. Hair products need beautiful images of hair.


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