What are the characteristics and structure types of color boxes?

Dec. 09, 2022

      1. Gravure printing Gravure printing, the ink color is full and has a three-dimensional effect. Among all kinds of color box printing methods, the printing quality is the best. And the quality is stable. Plate life is long. Suitable for mass printing in large quantities. Gravure printing can print extremely thin materials, such as paper below 80g. However, gravure plate making is complicated and expensive, and its benzene-containing ink pollutes the environment. These two problems have affected the development of gravure printing. In particular, the reduction of a large number of printed pieces, and the short version requires a large increase in low-priced printed pieces, which makes gravure printing continue to lose the market.

      2. Offset printing offset printing is mainly used for the printing of paper materials. Sheet-fed offset printing color box printing format can be changed, more flexible. Offset presses are also continuously improving in printing functions. After improving and adding some parts, corrugated cardboard can be printed. After improvement and installation of UV drying device, UV prints can be printed.

      3, Flexo printing The main advantage of flexo printing is that the equipment structure is simple, and it is easy to form a production line. Among the three color box printing equipments of offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing, the flexo printing machine is the simplest in structure. Therefore, the price of flexo printing machines is relatively low, and the equipment investment of color box printing enterprises is small. At the same time, due to the simple equipment, convenient operation and maintenance. At present, most flexo printing machines are connected with processing techniques such as souping, glazing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, creasing, punching, and window opening to form a production line. Greatly improve labor productivity. Flexo can print almost all color box prints and use all substrates. Especially in corrugated paper printing in color box printing is unique here. Flexo printing currently widely uses water-based inks. Non-toxic and non-polluting, it is beneficial to protect the environment, especially suitable for packaging color box printing.

Color box manufacturer-RX packaging

      Color box packaging can be divided into three categories according to the basic form: foldable cartons are called folding boxes; non-foldable cartons are called cardboard boxes; paper is processed, compounded, and glued to make liquid containers, collectively referred to as flexible packaging paper box. Among them, folding cartons are the most widely used in commodity packaging, and its structure has the following basic types:

      1. Heaven and earth cover and swing cover carton. They are pressed with tangent lines according to different graphics on the box surface, and the box cover can be opened to see both the goods and the decorative graphics, text and trademarks on the box surface. Its advantage is that it is easy to open and take out the goods. And it is convenient for displaying and promoting products.

      2. Window carton. There are three forms of window-opening cartons: partial window opening, transparent box cover and multi-sided transparent. It is generally used in combination with a transparent plastic sheet, and the window opening shows the product, which is convenient for consumers to purchase.

      3. Portable paper box. Some products are packaged in a large volume. In order to facilitate customers to carry, a handle is added to the carton. The handle is designed to be foldable as much as possible, which is convenient for transportation and does not occupy too much space.

      4. Special-shaped carton. Special-shaped cartons mainly have various shapes such as triangle, pentagon, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylinder, semicircle, and book. The structure of this carton is a packaging shape presented through the alternating combination of arcs, straight lines and surfaces. The advantages of special-shaped cartons are novelty and beauty.

      5. Special structural carton. It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton, or add an attachment, so that powdery, granular, lumpy or liquid products can be poured out for use. The structure of the carton can be diversified. For the convenience of consumers, special designs can be made according to the different uses of the goods.

      The unique shape is mainly reflected by the special-shaped structure, which needs to be designed through the design of functional structures such as handles, hand holes or vent holes, adhesive flaps for automatic folding cartons, etc.), characteristic structures (such as cut corners, hollows, feet, etc.) and Appearance structure (such as non-corrugated column shape, non-planar structure) and other special structural elements, so that they can meet the requirements.

      There are many packaging styles, beautiful shapes, ingenious structures, and various forms, which can attract consumers' attention.