What are the spot colors and characteristics used in printing?

Dec. 12, 2022

      Spot color ink refers to a pre-mixed specific color ink, such as fluorescent yellow, pearl blue, metallic gold and silver ink, etc. It is not a mixture of CMYK four colors, and color registration means accurate color. The summary of RX packaging has the following four characteristics:

packaging box


      Each color registration has its own fixed hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of colors in printing, thus solving the problem of color transfer accuracy to a large extent;


      Spot colors generally define a color with a solid color, no matter how light that color is. Of course, the spot color can also be screened (Tint) to present any shade of the spot color;


      Spot color ink is a kind of covering ink, it is opaque and can be covered on the spot;

       4, Expresses a wide color gamut

      The color gamut in the chromatic stock is very wide, exceeding the performance gamut of RGB, not to mention the CMYK color space, so a large part of the colors cannot be presented with CMYK four-color printing inks.