Structure type of color box

Feb. 06, 2023

There are various types of boxes. From the structure, there are upper and lower combined heaven and earth cover forms, embedded combination box boxes, left and right opening and closing door types, and package combination book types. These types have laid the foundation for gift boxes. Structure, under the framework of the basic structure, the designers have developed ever-changing box types, and put cool wedding dresses on the product packaging. The following first describes the common box types and names:

Gift box

1) Heaven and earth cover box

Heaven and earth cover box refers to a box style. The cover of the carton is "heaven" and the bottom is "earth", so it is called the cover of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth cover box is widely used in various hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes

2) Drawer box

If the heaven and earth cover box can give people a sense of intuition, then the drawer box can give people a sense of mystery. It is said to be mysterious because when you see its shape, you can't wait to pull it out to explore the "treasure" inside.

This drawer box is born to be a "treasure box". The drawer-type box cover is tube-shaped, while the box body is disc-shaped. The box cover and body are two independent structures. Such a designed shape makes it a pleasure to open. The moment of slow pulling instantly becomes a kind of enjoyment.

3) Hexagonal box

The box shape is a hexagonal shape, and most of them are the structure of the sky and the earth

4) Window Box

Open the required windows on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET and other materials on the inside to fully display the information of the contents.

5) Folding box

The gray board is used as the skeleton, and it is pasted with coated paper or other paper. The gray board leaves a certain distance at the bend. When used, it is propped up into a three-dimensional shape and can be folded freely.

6) Aircraft box

Airplane box, named for its unfolded shape resembling an airplane, belongs to a branch of carton, is the first choice for express packaging and delivery, and is made of corrugated paper.

The above are the most common gift box structures on the market, and there are many more special special-shaped boxes that will not be listed one by one.

As a common gift box product packaging in the market today, high-end gift boxes are increasingly favored by brand owners. The structure, materials, and craftsmanship of gift boxes are also becoming more and more abundant. How to do a good job in gift box packaging and printing is a problem that printing companies must face.