Common Defects of Gift Boxes

Feb. 03, 2023

Gift Boxes

Loose edges: After the paper is pasted on the four edges of the box body, the adhesion is not tight, and there is a phenomenon of suspension between the paper and the gray board.

Wrinkle: Irregular, dead folds of different lengths are formed on the surface of the paper after pasting.

Broken corners: After the paper is pasted, the four corners of the box body appear torn and white.

Dew ash (exposed bottom): due to the inaccuracy of the knife plate making, or the offset of the positioning during the pasting operation, the pasting paper is folded and the overlapping position is misplaced, resulting in the gray board being exposed.

Blistering: Bubbles with irregular and different sizes locally raised on the surface of the box body.

Glue Stains: Traces of glue left on a surface.

Protrusions (acne): There are granular substances remaining in the lower layer of the packaging material, partially propping up the surface and destroying the flatness of the box surface.

High and low angle: After the gray board is half-through die-cut or grooved, the four sides are folded and formed, and the height of the two adjacent sides is inconsistent.

Water ripples: After the box body is pasted, in order to make the corners adhere more tightly, it is necessary to use a scraper to scrape the four sides of the box body. Due to irregular force, the whole side will appear length, Uneven strips or vesicles, like water ripples.

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