RX-packaging printing factory takes you to see what a printing factory in Japan is like

Sep. 06, 2022

    Today, let's take a look at the differences between Japanese printing factories and Chinese printing factories. The following is the content that reporters interviewed with RX-packaging printing factories in Japan.

    The reporter followed the delegation of RX-packcging printing factory to Japan to observe Japanese printing enterprises and get close contact with Japanese printing enterprises. It is understood that there are currently 20,000 printing companies in Japan. Affected by various factors such as economy, Internet, and electronic technology, the number of printing companies is decreasing at a rate of about 3% every year. In 2014, China surpassed Japan with a printing output value exceeding one trillion yuan, and Japan ranked third. However, as a country with a population of 127 million, the per capita printing output value and paper consumption far exceed China. In addition, the quality of Japanese prints has always been the pride of Japanese printers. We strongly recommend that we go to bookstores in Japan to experience the quality of Japanese prints and the enthusiasm of the public for reading.

    Kyoritsu ICOM is located in Shizuoka, Japan. Shizuoka is located between Tokyo and Osaka. It is the main traffic artery in Japan and one of the most concentrated areas of the printing industry. The 39th WorldSkills Competition was held in Shizuoka in 2007. This year, the printing media technology project was included in the official competition, which shows the importance of Shizuoka in the Japanese printing industry. Kyoritsu ICOM was established in 1954 and has a history of 61 years. It is a small-scale commercial printing company with 105 employees. It has 6 Heidelberg Speedmaster printing machines and 3 Komori printing machines, with an annual sales of 1.19 billion RMB. Among the 20,000 printing companies in Japan, companies similar to Kyoritsu ICOM account for the vast majority.

    In addition, in Japan also visited a printing factory known as Artron of Japan, Sun M Color Printing Company, located in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan, featuring high-end artwork reproduction and fine print. The feature of this company is that all kinds of instructions are posted all over the wall, and it has done a good job in 5S and other refined management.

On the board of the conference room of Kyoritsu ICOM Printing Co., Ltd., the company's slogan is simply pasted: Create business prosperity and never stop the pace of reform. The principle of information transmission about the company is: correctly transmit valuable information, actively collect information, and use information flexibly and effectively.

    There are many printing factories on this street, and Kyoto is a printing industry gathering area. You can see the printing, plate making, and photos of Chinese characters on such signs.

    Summary: Do you feel that the printing factories in Japan look like this, and they are no different from the printing factories around us. Are we immediately full of confidence, it turns out that the gap between us is not big, it turns out that we can do better! Come on, Chinese printing industry.