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Sep. 07, 2022

    2022 is coming to an end, and a brand new 2023 will soon be ushered in. In the new year, last year's desk calendar will definitely have to be updated, so many companies have to update their desk calendars. And each company's desk calendar is different, each has its own characteristics! For this reason, RX-packaging has hired professional designers to provide customers with professional designs!

    The difference between desk calendar and wall calendar printing

    The printed desk calendar is more practical in terms of customer experience, and it is more convenient for customers to check the date and record the day's itinerary. Wall calendar prints are powerful in advertising and are more effective than desk calendars when dealing with customer relationships. Desk calendar prints are suitable for gifts to all new and old customers to promote relationships, while wall calendar prints are more suitable for gifts to important customers of the company. High-end calendar customers are also happy to hang their business or home. Whether it is a wall calendar or a desk calendar, the printed matter needs to be atmospheric, concise, and high-end, so that customers are willing to use it, and the printed matter can play a promotional effect.

    Desk calendar wall calendar design and production and matters needing attention

    1. Desk calendar and wall calendar design requirements

    The special edition desk calendar is relative to the general content desk calendar, and can be individually designed and produced according to special requirements. Content, style, etc. are all specific. The whole process is specially carried out around the needs of customers. The procedures are: design style sample - design printing draft - digital sample - plate making - printing - cutting - mounting plate - collation - cutting product - - Punching - piercing ring - quality inspection - packing - delivery. In addition, there are: lamination--gilding-silver--drum--oiling--die-cutting and other processes are added as needed according to product requirements.

    2. Specifications and dimensions

    The size of the desk calendar can actually be arbitrary, as big as you want (don't exceed the printing press), as long as you are willing to do it, everything is possible. However, businesses must consider the cost, below are a few more commonly used and suitable specifications and sizes (here the size is a batch of printed pages)

Desk Calendar Specifications: Horizontal Desk Calendar; Square Desk Calendar; Strip Desk Calendar; Horizontal Mini Desk Calendar; Vertical Mini Desk Calendar; Vertical Desk Calendar. Loose-leaf long desk calendar:

        290mm×120mm 207mm×145mm

        140mm×145mm 145mm×100mm

        100mm×145mm 145mm×207mm


    Long desk calendar:

        600px X 350px generously split 14 pages

        600px X 275px generously split 14 pages

        525px X 350px generously split 16 pages

    High type desk calendar:

        412.5px X 425px generously split 15 pages

        475px X 425px generously split 12 pages

        475px X 437.5px generously split 12 pages

    Wall Calendar Specifications:

    Compared with desk calendars, wall calendars are single in size and long in shape.

    The commonly used calendar sizes are:

        685×373mm 570×430mm 480mm×770mm

        570mm×840mm 380mm×1000mm 700mm×1000mm

    3. Paper material

    The number of desk calendars can usually be divided into: weekly calendar, semi-monthly calendar, monthly calendar, and bi-monthly calendar according to the month. With the cover, it corresponds to 52, 25, 13, and 7, and pages can be added according to the actual content. Paper: Usually, 105g-300g paper is fine for desk calendar printing. The number of sheets should be fully considered when choosing the thickness of the paper. 52 weekly calendars should not be made of paper over 200 grams. It is difficult to match the coils of desk calendars over 200 grams. It is best not to choose paper under 157 grams for 25 semi-monthly calendars. Otherwise, you will be top-heavy and unsteady. Material: coated paper, art paper, matte paper can be

    4. Be careful when imposing the desk calendar. The imposition must be done according to the binding method. The front and back of the book-style desk calendar imposition are turned upside down. Don’t be afraid of trouble. Make a sample before printing to see the finished product. Wall calendars are generally printed on one side and can be printed directly. Post-press process (binding) process: bronzing; embossing, in which the desk calendar needs to make a base. Binding: aprons; staples.

    How to place an order for a custom desk calendar

    Now, RX-packaging has launched a set of perfect customization process tailored for graphic shops, advertising companies, design agencies and other business units engaged in the design and printing industry, as long as you enter our official website, everything is simple! You can not only send desk calendar and wall calendar production files to our service desk online to save the tedious communication process, improve your work efficiency in making print works, but also realize real-time quotation, no matter how many quantities you need, you can quote the price you need anytime, anywhere! To provide you with satisfactory service is the purpose of Shenzhen Desk Calendar Printing Factory. Our official website is: