What do you need to pay attention to when customizing color box packaging?

Oct. 19, 2022

    What do you need to pay attention to when customizing color boxes? Now there are a lot of products on the market need color box packaging boxes, more customers will choose to use different load-bearing boxes to load products, some customers focus on good-looking and material quality, a few customers want low-cost inexpensive materials, but many customers and some worried about the idea, such as my products many models a lot of quantity if the choice of hardcover boxes that is too high cost, but you may wish to choose some The following RX-packaging will provide you with some information about the packaging boxes of different patterns.

customizing color box packaging manufacturer_RX-packaging

    It is estimated that friends who have been to Korea are aware of Myeongdong, the place is a shopping paradise, but more people think that Hong Kong is more like a shopping paradise, these places are a common feature, that is, full of different products packed with flowery packaging boxes, I have several times have carefully studied the packaging boxes of these products, that is, those jewelry and jewelry boxes will be packed with gift boxes, some products are Pit paper packaging boxes, pit paper packaging boxes are also very delicate, ordinary pit paper color box is to use the yellow kind of pit paper B9 pit on the surface color printing over the film, beer sticky finished products can be. Slightly heavier weight-bearing color box, this box has a coarse pit fine pit, good-looking point is the fine pit AF strengthen the core, this pit paper stiffness is better weight-bearing can be loaded 3-10 pounds of products, and is loaded with clothes, ties, underwear, food are used white pit paper color box, this pit paper color box is made out of better-looking. There are also candy jewelry boxes made of colored pit paper, like this type of pit paper is not good to customize, the cost is more expensive than just the yellow and white pit paper.

customizing color box packaging manufacturer_RX-packaging

    The color box packaging box customization suggests that customers must choose a good material when making, especially some customers who have special requirements to choose a good material, otherwise the products inside can not bear the box, and the color of the pit paper can be changed, color box packaging box customization needs to pay attention to what? These are the various requirements of the color box, I hope that customers who have the need can contact us.