Packaging box planning

Jan. 31, 2023

The design of the packaging box is constantly changing with the change of the packaging use, and with the intensification of market competition and the continuous decline of corporate profits, the design of the packaging box is becoming more and more important.

Packaging box

1. Introduction to packing box planning

Packing box planning is the embodiment of conscious creation and planning to arouse people's aesthetic feeling and attention by properly processing container shape, decoration and color according to a certain idea.

Product packaging design is designed for the three major functions of packaging: product protection, convenient use, and sales promotion.

2. Planning guidelines for packing boxes

The principles of packaging box design are mainly reflected in several aspects such as practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance.

(1) Practicality is one of the basic characteristics of design. The first consideration is to reflect the function and effect of the product, which can be reflected through the material, structure, shape and pattern of the packaging. The functions and functions of products are different, and the requirements for packaging design are also different.

(2) Aesthetics requires the combination of various factors to plan a packaging product plan that conforms to the characteristics of the age, national characteristics, and outstanding aesthetics. The main purpose of product packaging design is to establish a good image for the product, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, so its aesthetics and beauty are necessary. As a kind of packaging design, the packaging box must follow the requirements of packaging design

(3) Economy is to obtain the greatest product effect with the least capital investment. Excessive appearance is the easiest mistake many businesses make when packaging products. They think that products need a gorgeous appearance, but excessive packaging will not only affect the sales of products, but also cause high costs of products, which is not conducive to the operation of enterprises.

(4) Originality is to be unique, without breaking away from the society and age, and to contain new creations in the ordinary forms on the surface. It's not just about packaging, every item of design needs to be original, which is a powerful weapon to survive in today's fiercely competitive market. A large number of packaging boxes have emerged on the market. If you want to be in a favorable position in the competition, you must make your own packaging boxes unique.

3. Process requirements for packaging box planning

1. Structural planning process

(1) Personnel should understand the nature, shape, size, weight of the contents, placement method, transportation method, stacking method of the contents, storage environment, transportation route and time, as well as packaging box type and production materials before planning starts. and other information.

(2) After confirming all kinds of information, it is also necessary to know whether the packaging box to be planned focuses on the delivery type packaging box or the sales type packaging box. The sale-type packaging box belongs to the field of commercial packaging, which pays more attention to the appearance and image of the packaging box, and needs to consider the printing process requirements of the packaging box during planning.

The shipping packaging box belongs to the field of industrial packaging, and more needs to be considered for the packaging box's pressure resistance, shock resistance and other requirements, and the location of the opening and die-cutting should be planned based on these premise. Because of its repeated use, it is also necessary to consider the efficiency of packing and the production efficiency of the factory.

(3) When the packaging box type required for planning is confirmed, the planning work can be started.

2. Decoration planning guidelines

The external decoration of packaging box products is playing an increasingly important role in product marketing. It can be said that exquisite and advanced packaging planning is an important link to build marketing power and enhance brand image. Decoration design is the content of packaging visual design, which refers to the appearance design of packaging, including how to choose colors, graphics, text, trademarks and barcodes, etc., to achieve the purpose of beautifying and promoting products. The design of sales-like box packaging should follow the principle of "eye-catching, understanding, and good impression".

3. Subsequent inspection process

After the designer handed over the design draft to the proofer, he needs to carefully check the designed packaging sample. If conditions permit, the designer should directly participate in the proofing, so that the designed product can be improved in time, especially in detail improvement.