Disadvantages of packaging design

Feb. 01, 2023

Among the dazzling array of packaging boxes, customers always only choose the products they like. In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the product itself, the right to speak in packaging box design is affecting consumers' purchase decisions. After having both the main functions of the packaging box, the packaging box will be safe from now on? In fact, some disadvantages in the design of the packaging box often make the customers who originally picked up the product from the shelf put down their hands and choose other similar products. At this time, it is necessary to know where the disadvantages of the packaging box are?

packaging boxes

In the packaging and gift box processing of fast moving consumer goods, the common design drawbacks are as follows:

1. The packaging box does not highlight the sales proposition of the product

The product can meet the demands and belongings of consumers through the packaging box design, but when the packaging box design of a product lacks a theme, it is easy to lose to competing products with the theme, which means that the sales proposition of the product is suppressed. When a consumer chooses a bag of wedding candy, will he choose a brand with festive words and red patterns or a general brand with only words at the same price? The results speak for themselves.

2. The pattern of the packaging box is completely different from the connotation of the product

The packaging box design of some enterprises is undertaken by the printing factory, and the design capabilities of the printing factory are often uneven, and the design of some small printing factories is usually surprising. For example, the packaging box for edible plums is obviously designed, but the pattern of flowers and plants is printed on the bag. At this time, consumers will feel baffled. After careful observation, they will usually give up buying because they question the product level.

3. The packing box is flashy

In order to achieve the purpose of differentiation, some products are often used to take "shortcuts", that is, not to form differences through the product itself, but to form differences through the "luxury route" of the packaging box, but the gains outweigh the losses. For example, the packaging box of a certain brand of poultry eggs looks like a luxury product. Some consumers joked that they would not want to eat this product after buying it, and they would not bear to throw away the box, so they simply did not buy it. It can be seen that if the excessive luxury of the packaging box lacks the support of high-quality products, it will often be regarded as a gimmick, and it will end up as a flashy result without applause.

4. The packaging box does not conform to behavioral habits

A certain brand of functional beverage in China is aimed at people who exercise a lot, but its packaging box is a glass bottle. There is a problem here. The glass itself is fragile, and in the habit of protecting one's own body, functional sports drinks in glass bottles are obviously difficult to be admired. Furthermore, some wild leisure foods often ignore a problem when designing the packaging box, that is, the packaging box is too heavy. Many products lose more market opportunities due to their heavy weight or inconvenient portability, or the packaging box is easy to deform. All are the result of ignoring habits of behavior.

5. the packaging box is out of tune with the trend

Although today's packaging box is a corporate behavior, there is a trend phenomenon. For example, the quietly popular environment-friendly packaging box cannot be taken lightly. The environmental protection packaging box most directly reflects the degree of concern of enterprises to consumers, and such enterprises are easy to be recognized by consumers. For example, Amway products that are sold directly are basically made of environmentally friendly recycled packaging boxes. Such packaging boxes can not only protect the ecological environment, but also protect the nature of the products to the greatest extent from changing.