Common knowledge of gift boxes

Feb. 02, 2023

The gift box is an extension of the social needs of a function of the packaging method. It not only has the function of packaging but also highlights a part of the function to a certain extent. the use value of the commodity. It is almost the same as the general packaging in terms of protecting the goods. In order to highlight the value, a more expensive and beautiful inner lining is used to protect the goods. In the circulation link, it is not as convenient as ordinary packaging. The value of gifts is relatively high, and the cost in circulation must be high, such as avoiding collisions and deformations. There is no doubt that it has a super high influence in beautifying products to attract customers.

gift boxes

There are also high and low end gift boxes

From the classification of pasting fabrics, the most important ones are: paper, leather, cloth, etc.

Paper: including gold and silver cardboard, pearlescent paper and various art papers;

Leather material: including genuine leather and anti-leather PU fabric, etc.;

Cloth: including various cotton and linen textures, etc.

Divided from the scope of application, it mainly includes daily chemicals, alcohol, food, tobacco, digital electronics, jewelry, etc.

Daily chemicals: mainly used in the fields of cosmetics and perfumes;

Liquor: mainly white wine, red wine and various foreign wines;

Food: mainly chocolate and health food;

Tobacco: high-end products launched by major tobacco companies;

Digital electronics: such as high-end brands of mobile phone boxes, tablet boxes, etc.;

Jewelry: All kinds of jewelry are basically packaged in unique gift boxes to set off their individuality.

The production process of a gift box is much more complicated than that of an origami box. The subsequent processing of an origami box is generally composed of printing ➝ surface finishing (hot stamping, silver foil, lamination, local UV, embossing, etc.) ➝ die-cutting ➝ paste box ➝ Inspection ➝Packing is complete.

The production process of the gift box is completed by printing ➝ surface finishing ➝ outer packaging material die-cutting ➝ gray board die-cutting ➝ gray board slotting ➝ gray board forming ➝ outer packaging material pasting ➝ assembly ➝ inspection ➝ packing.

Judging from the process of the two products, the manufacturing process of the gift box is complicated and cumbersome, and the process standard is much higher than that of the origami box. Most of the high-end gift boxes that are common in our daily life are made of paper, and the paper surface is also most suitable for more process treatment.