How to Enhance Your Brand Through Sensory Packaging

Jul. 11, 2022

Effective packaging makes consumers memorable and stands out from competitors. While bold colours and structures help set your brand apart, creating a multi-sensory experience through your packaging can engage consumers and build brand loyalty more effectively. Multisensory packaging involves integrating all five senses into your packaging to create a more memorable and compelling design.


RX Packaging breaks down the various ways in which your brand can create multi-sensory packaging below.

Watch Box

 Watch Box

Visual identity

Adding eye-catching visual elements to your packaging will attract the attention of your target consumers first. Using unique shapes and bold colours can be effective in capturing consumer interest and making a good impression. Press effects are also a great way to create a unique design and drive customer purchases.


Other visual elements that can help enhance your brand include

Hot and cold foils

Holographic foil

UV coatings

Glitter coatings

Pearlescent coatings

Candle Box

Candle Box

Tactile features

Once customers see a product that catches their eye, they are likely to pick it up and interact with it. This is where tactile features come into play. Soft-touch coatings work well to convey a soft texture that simulates the luxury of a high-end product, while grit effects work well to enhance vivid images, such as sand on a beach, or plastered walls.


Other tactile features that will leave a lasting impression on customers include


Reticulation effect

Glossy coatings

Multi-layer embossing/embossing

Raised UV coatings

Soft-touch coatings

Beauty Jewelry Box

Beauty Jewelry Box

Olfactory characteristics

Using scent in your packaging box can be very beneficial to your brand, as it has been proven that scent is the sensation most closely associated with memory. For example, a specific fragrance, such as one similar to a freshly baked chocolate biscuit, can create a feeling of nostalgia for the consumer. This can compel them to try your product and increase the chances of customer loyalty. On the other hand, using a tropical scent can remind customers of summer - a time that is usually missed during the long, dreary winter months - and can be other strong scents that prompt consumers to buy your products.


To add an olfactory element to your packaging, you can include scratch and sniff stickers or scented inks and ribbons in your designs.

Taste characteristics

Flavour is a difficult feeling to include in a packaging design, however, it can be very effective. You don't need to think literally when it comes to incorporating flavour into your packaging. Instead, you can include images, colours or shapes in your packaging that remind consumers of a flavour that triggers nostalgic thoughts.


For example, images of ingredients such as lemon and honey in a signature cocktail recipe can inspire customers to buy your brand's wine and spirits gift sets. This element of visual taste can help consumers feel an immediate connection to the packaging and are therefore more likely to buy your product.

 Wine Packaging      


Aural features

Sound is another interesting sensation that is not usually included in traditional cardboard packaging. However, including music or sound effects that play when the pack is opened is an effective way of getting customers to actively participate in your packaging. These traditional aural features are great add-ons to special packaging products such as starter kits and sales and marketing kits.


Another aural feature that enhances the luxury element is a satisfying closing sound. This can include magnetic closures, customised labels and locking flaps that can be subtly 'snapped' into place. The popping sound is both interactive and satisfying when the consumer opens the package, creating a memorable opening experience that encourages repeated interaction with the packaging. An additional element: the closure is fully sustainable.


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