Is Food Packaging Box Printing Toxic?

Sep. 29, 2022

    Is Food Packaging Box Printing Toxic? With the improvement of the current social level, many people will be very concerned about whether the things they use are environmentally friendly? Many times, many customers care about the date, but what should really pay attention to is the environmental protection of the outer packaging box, especially the kind of food that is ready to eat. Such food packaging boxes must pay special attention to environmental protection. Is it toxic? How much do customers who actually do food packaging boxes know about the printing of these food packaging boxes? Now I can simply tell you how to prevent or detect:

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    1. How can materials and printing inks avoid these toxins?

    It is recommended that you use kraft paper for the printing material of food packaging boxes. Why do you use kraft paper? The kraft paper itself has a fragrance. The kraft paper itself does not contain any whitening agent or bleach, and wood pulp is also the most primitive material for production. .Also, pay attention to the ink when printing. Food ink is non-toxic and must use soybean ink. The oil in this ink is real soybean oil. Remember to use genuine soybean ink. Some customers will not print boxes, or Tie a small ornament on the box, and small crafts such as bronzing on the surface of the box will not contaminate the food inside.

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    2. Avoid the details of printing food packaging to contaminate toxins?

    The original paper material that was ordered before the food packaging box was printed must be sterilized in the sterilization workshop. The sterilized paper should be placed on the printing press and process equipment. The printed paper should also be sterilized and made into a box shape. Each process must be operated with sterilized gloves. The finished product of the printed video packaging box must be tested by an ink detection machine. If the test is OK, this batch of goods is a perfect product.

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    Is Food Packaging Box Printing Toxic? In fact, it will not be a big problem if each process has a certain degree of protection. There is still a lot of professional knowledge of food packaging boxes. I hope you can pay attention to it often.