How to distinguish between four-color printing and spot-color printing

Sep. 08, 2022

1. What is four-color printing?


The four-color printing process generally refers to the use of yellow, red, blue and black. This is a variety of color printing in which the colors are mixed with each other. It can be matched with the four tones of CMYK. Any colorful color is made of these four colors. Photographs that reflect the colorful changes in nature, colorful artworks by painters, or other pictures that contain many different colors, taken by means of techniques, must go through an electronic color separation machine due to technical requirements or economic considerations. Or the color desktop system scans the color separation, and then uses the four-color printing process to copy it.


2. What is spot color printing?


Spot color printing means that 100% of the color value of each hue is a spot color, but many customers want special gold, gold, blue, red or more. One spot color of this spot color is equivalent to 2 normal four colors. Color, spot color is a four-color contrasting color, and there are two tones or several tones are matched into one color. Note that the color is not easy to print and it is not easy to mix the ink. The cost of spot color printing must be more expensive than the normal four-color price.


For four-color spot color printing, customers must pay attention to what is a spot color. If you don't understand, you can find the partial pass on the Internet or buy a copy of the color number partial pass for the spot color. Customers who have more knowledge about factors You can come to our company directly or Email RX-packaging( for consultation.