PP self-adhesive printing

Sep. 09, 2022

    PP self-adhesive printing, RX-packaging is a company specializing in color self-adhesive. I hope that customers who need to make stickers of various materials can contact us directly. The following is a detailed explanation of self-adhesive printing. topic

PP self-adhesive printing_RX-packaging

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous expansion of the self-adhesive printing market, the market share of trademarks, stickers, signs, and nameplates is increasing day by day, which brings unlimited business opportunities for color PP self-adhesive printing. The so-called PP self-adhesive printing market is the process of transferring ink and other substances through the printing plate to the surface of the printing material with a pre-coated adhesive layer on the back under a certain pressure. Compared with ordinary printing, self-adhesive printing has the following characteristics:

    ① Wide range of applications. It is not only used in food and beverages, daily necessities, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies, etc., but also in price tags in the field of commodity circulation, clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

    ② Easy to paste. No glue, paste and other adhesives are used, and it is very convenient to tear off and paste, and it does not pollute the appearance of the product.

    ③It has durability. Strong adhesion, flexible adhesion, heat and moisture resistance, not easy to age


    PP self-adhesive printing refers to the printed matter printed on a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper: in terms of product form, it is a composite material sheet. Page printed matter, the back is coated with adhesive, which can be glued to the items that customers need to glue. Customers can contact our professional to find RX-packaging +86 769 8907 6828 or Email us sales@rx-packaging.com