How to set the delivery time for printing product customers

Aug. 31, 2022

    Now customers in various industries like to set the delivery time very fast. Maybe they may delay for half a month and a month in their own design, engineering, and proofing, but when they arrive at the printing factory, they rush to rush the goods in 3-4 days, but the quantity,they will urge the following suppliers according to their own delivery time. Sometimes the 13-day delivery time of the packaging box will be 7 days, which will cause many procedures in the future to be chaotic, so the customers will really hope for the delivery time. Can understand a lot. First of all, if you are in the printing industry, you must have a thorough understanding of your own products, and you must also have a clear understanding of the requirements of the products made by customers. Many customers who find manufacturers to make printed materials will doubt the delivery time, so I will simply check the delivery time of various printed materials. Make an explanation:

    Picture books and periodicals: The delivery time of picture books and periodicals is generally about 4 days. If the customer provides good documents, our production lead time is 4 days. Another solution is that the customer only provides pictures and text. We design and print the production. The general delivery time is about 1 week. Of course, we will need customer review when we design it, and the time during the customer review period is also included. Design + customer confirmation + proofing The time is about 4 days, and the printing production is 4 days, only if the number of pages does not exceed 100P or more, and the total number does not exceed 100,000 copies.

    Various color boxes and handbags: The delivery time of these two products is generally about 5 days, of which the more time-wasting is used in manual work. The color box needs to be mounted pit + beer + sticky box. Handbags need beer + sticking + threading, which seems to be a few simple steps, but handwork is a very delicate work, it is okay to spend some time, because it is necessary to make the product perfect. (Generally, customers who do this kind of product will provide good design documents, during this period, the delivery period is limited to the volume of less than 100,000)

    Gift boxes and hardcover books: These two types of products take the longest to produce, with a typical cycle time of 15 days, because the craftsmanship and production procedures of these two products are more complex, and these two products have It takes the longest time to make the unusual craftsmanship, and the handwork takes 13 days. It takes effort to make these two products. (This delivery time is limited to the quantity of products below 50,000)

    Some simple color pages, stickers, single-black manuals, posters, etc. These products are the simplest and fastest delivery products for printed products. These products generally take 3 days. When the materials are complete, the customer is very If you are in a hurry, you can also take 2 days (in addition, this delivery time is limited to the volume of less than 200,000).

    Printed products have a very transparent production process in the current market. I believe that customers will have a better understanding of printed products and their delivery dates after reading my explanation.

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