Four packaging forces that will reshape the future

Aug. 30, 2022

    "Packaging is a special existence! We often say that packaging is functional, packaging is marketing, packaging is protective, and so on!

    Now, we have to re-examine the packaging, we say, packaging is a commodity, but also a kind of competitiveness! "

    Consumer demand-oriented packaging marketing

    Packaging is an important means of promotion in the circulation of commodities, and the change process of consumer psychology has a strong connection with the sales process of commodities. It is precisely because contemporary packaging marketing actively responds to the psychological needs of consumers that it not only achieves the purpose of promoting commodities, but also exerts the subjective initiative to guide healthy and rational consumption to a certain extent. The survey shows that in the next 10 years, the sales of packaged products will first consider the needs and interests of consumers and meet the needs of customers at different levels.

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    Power 1: Packaging Innovation

    In the past few years, consumer goods and retail companies have been chasing new trends. The person in charge of the brand market or at the helm often feels that "the plan cannot keep up with the changes and is tired of catching up with the market trend", especially for those industries with relatively high requirements for the pre-emptive supply chain, brand loyalty is gradually disintegrating.

    Therefore, it is very important for product packaging to help brands respond to "ever-changing" with "unchanged". This requires packaging innovation to grasp the underlying trend of consumers, grasp the real consumer value that is changing, and stand with consumers. Together, or even running ahead of consumers, making and leading the trend is the way to win.

    Product customization processing achieves packaging value orientation

    Packaging is the most important medium for a product. If a company invests part of its budget in personalized packaging customization, the product can stand out among many brands and become a hot topic among young people and social media. At present, most of the customized packaging is produced by the packaging design department, but the number of emerging models, such as consumers becoming packaging designers, and co-creating products with packaging companies is also increasing.

    Power 2: Packaging customization power

    In China's consumer goods environment, what is most worth looking forward to is the diverse possibilities of consumer goods and retail. In the future, there will be opportunities for further customization of mass brands for segmented groups, as well as opportunities for further "precision popularization" of niche brands.

    At the same time, consumption is attitude and consumption is belief. In the future, product packaging will gradually help consumers create all aspects of a better life in the construction of a scene-based or channel-based product matrix. In this process, product packaging is also integrated and promoted by omni-channel, creating a unique and consistent "spirit of character" for the brand.

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    Internet + has become the direction of change in the packaging industry

    Internet packaging connects all parties in the industrial chain to the same platform. Informatization, big data, and intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide customers with fast, convenient, low-cost, and high-quality integrated services.

    Power 3: Packaging Integration

    Looking to the future, consumers will become more and more critical and more assertive, which will also lead to a shorter average cycle of new product popularity and a faster approach to the business development limit of a single brand/category.

    In the future, brand products and their product packaging will need more "combination punches". In this process, not only should consumer co-creation be incorporated into the complete closed-loop process from product creation to product delivery, but also industrial chain collaboration to achieve product packaging. 's supply chain becomes increasingly important throughout the entire consumer life cycle.

    High standards build brand image and sense of responsibility

    The philosophy that the brand adheres to is mainly reflected in the factors considered when formulating a marketing plan. Some brands will pay more attention to product value, customer trust and corporate social responsibility. In the final analysis, packaging serves the brand, and every move of the brand owner directly determines the development trend of the packaging industry. The emergence of new technologies, changes in people's lifestyles and changes in brand culture have brought challenges to packaging suppliers and created new opportunities for them.

    Power 4: Packaging Environmental Protection

    2021 is the first year of carbon neutrality, so in 2022, China will officially enter the era of carbon neutrality 2.0, and national policies on dual carbon are being introduced one after another. The premise for brands to achieve carbon neutrality is that the entire life cycle of product packaging is also carbon neutral. . Under the implementation of "Double Carbon", the original packaging materials and secondary packaging materials will face a revolutionary paradigm shift.

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