How to know how to choose the material of the box

Sep. 01, 2022

    There are many types of printing packaging. The packaging boxes include Collapsible box,Rigid boxes, book shaped boxes, lid and base boxes, special-shaped boxes, octagonal boxes, cylinder boxes, drawer boxes, color&corrugated boxes and other products used in various industries. These boxes are hand-made by many customers. They are all the same, but the materials and surface treatments they choose are different when they are made, so some boxes will be very elegant when they are made, so customers please pay attention to the selection of paper when making boxes. If you can, please come with RX-packaging looks at the paper sample

    Example box: How is a box that satisfies customers, how is it produced?

    1) Design: Conceived according to the needs of customers, but a design must also have its own ideas and concepts. Our company has a professional designer team to supply customers in various industries. The design of the box must be beautiful and three-dimensional.

    2) Paper + printing: Generally, the box needs white cardboard and gray cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, pearl paper, etc. The effect of printing on this type of paper makes the box look beautiful, and the printing can be printed in 4 colors, 6 colors, and 8 colors. Spot color, in short, follow the customer's demand for color, the printed color can affect the effect of the entire box, so the printing process is very important.

    3) Surface treatment: The surface treatment of a box is the most complicated, and it is also related to what is the final result of the box?

      ①Lamination and protective varnish makes the box protect and wear-resistant.

      ② A series of local surface treatments such as Spot UV-Hot foil-embossing-Polish-print gold powder-flocking-Gloss lamination can make the appearance of the box more bright and make the whole three-dimensional sense of the box look great

      ③Embossing: Embossing is to use a machine to press various patterns on the paper, such as horizontal and vertical patterns, crocodile patterns, various small patterns, etc., as long as the type required by the customer can be, as far as possible to meet the needs of customers At the same time, it will also make the box more externally beautiful.

    4) Hot stamping: If you want to attract the attention of customers, you must make the surface of the box attractive. Generally, hot stamping on the box - hot silver - hot laser silver - colorful gold and silver - relief - bumping, etc., these processes have been improved. Upscale of the box.

    5) Corrugated paper: Laminated the surface-treated paper and corrugated paper together. The corrugated paper has single layer, double layers, reinforcing core, white corrugated, etc. The purpose of mounting corrugated paper is to make the box play a firm role .


    A box that is full of customers and attracts attention is also related to the ability of an enterprise. We go all out and think uniquely to satisfy customers and please their trust. We will make unremitting efforts to continuously pursue and strive to achieve perfection. Dedicated to customer service.