What are the considerations in the process of packing gift boxes?

Nov. 17, 2022

       Nowadays, many enterprises are more demanding to have marketing business value in packaging gift box customization, and the degree of realization of this value is an important criterion to measure the success or failure of packaging design. Therefore, more and more corporate businesses choose to customize exclusive gift boxes to add more intangible value to their goods.

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        I. Box type selection

  The common box designs include flip-top, drawer, combination, handheld, etc. You can choose according to the actual situation.

  Second, the gift box material

  Undoubtedly, high-grade materials can highlight the taste of gift boxes, but the environmental protection and health of the materials must not be neglected, and packaging materials with irritating smell should not be chosen. In addition, if the gift box is to be carried by mail or long-distance, then the solidity of the box must be considered, taking into account the various problems that may arise in transit, such as anti-wear, waterproof, etc.

  Three, gift box style

  Just as we all buy clothes, we should choose a more matching style according to our own temperament, and gift boxes are no exception. When designing gift boxes, we need to consider the image, characteristics and target groups of the gift box in a comprehensive manner, not only from our own perspective, but also from the perspective of consumers, and adopt personalized designs to attract them. Moreover, different countries and regions or nationalities have different preferences and taboos for colors and patterns due to different social systems, religious beliefs and customs. Therefore, designers must have a good understanding of the market before carrying out the design.

  Four, gift box printing process

  Like the material, the printing process also affects the taste of the gift box, and in today's era, the printing production technology is becoming more and more advanced and selective. However, it should be noted that the selection of materials, technology and style of packaging should reflect the advanced technology. For example, the three-dimensional packaging made by embossing process, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging, etc. can reflect the excellent achievements of science and technology through the novel and unique packaging style, and reflect the superior performance of gift box packaging.

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