RX-packaging teaches you about press classification

Nov. 21, 2022

    RX-packaging has three large printing presses: a four-color press, a five-color press and a five-color folio press. Printing presses are divided into letterpress, lithographic, gravure and hole plate presses according to the form of printing plate. The following specific detailed description.

 ⒈, Letterpress printing machine

 The use of letterpress printing machine to complete the printing process. Such as business card machine (resin version), lead printing, zinc letterpress, set of numbered characters.


 ⒉, Offset printing machine 

 The machine that completes the printing process using a flat plate. Such as multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machine, single-color machine, fast printing machine, etc.

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 3, Gravure printing machine 

 Gravure printing machine is a machine that uses a gravure plate to complete the printing process. Examples include glass bag printing for instant noodles and aluminum foil bag packaging for cookies. 

 4, Silk screen printing machine

 A machine that uses a screen plate to complete the printing process. Hole plate printing: Screen printing, circuit board printing, fabric printing, can printing, inscription printing, partial varnishing, etc.

 RX-packaging's four large machines are currently all lithographic printing machines that can print a variety of printed materials quickly and efficiently.