What kinds of embossing processes are commonly used in gift box packaging

Nov. 16, 2022

       What is the embossing process? The embossing process is a process of applying pressure from the back of the paper to make the surface puff up. A pre-made embossing plate and pressure are used to create a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the paper that is above or below the plane of the paper. Embossing, also known as bumping, is a common technique in the post-processing process of gift box packaging surface, which aims to emphasize a certain part of the design, highlighting it and making the picture more rich in layers.

       Embossing process needs to consider the thickness and toughness of the paper, because the deepest and shallowest part of the embossing needs a certain drop, too thin is not suitable, too brittle paper to the edge is also easy to burst. Generally, you need more than 220g, and the higher the toughness, the better. Design lines can not be too fine, the general line requires more than 0.2mm, between the graphics require at least 2mm spacing.

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       After introducing the basics of the embossing process, Chengdu packaging factory together to understand the embossing process are divided into which types it.

       1, plain embossing: also known as colorless embossing, the embossed area and the surrounding area do not have any pattern printing, only the simple embossing process leaves graphics on the surface of the paper, producing a three-dimensional effect. Plain embossing is neat and clean and has a high level of sophistication.

       2. Seal embossing: After printing with ink, a blank area is left behind, which is perfectly combined with the color block area on the edge through the embossing process. Seal inscription convex has strict requirements on technology, the accuracy of template size and register embossing are key factors.

       3、Edition engraving convex: also called colored embossing or overlay embossing, the prominent surface is a three-dimensional structure that makes the image or text float out as a whole, similar to the effect of printmaking, and the height of embossing depends on the depth of the embossed plate.

       4、Stamping convex: also called three-dimensional stamping, using the production method of embossed stamping version, embossing and stamping together, the height of embossing needs to consider the paper flexibility and gold foil paper can withstand the impact strength.

       5、Multiple convex: using laser engraved version, clear layers, large drop on the top and bottom, there are strict requirements for the production technology of concave and convex template, in order to highlight the details, it is best to provide the template maker with fine graphics or the original.