Common materials for gift bags

Dec. 19, 2022

      There are gift boxes made of paper made of many materials on the market. Now RX packaging will explain the main types of paper that are commonly used, so that customers can better understand conventional paper and their characteristics.

      1. White cardboard gift boxes

      White cardboard is strong and thick, with high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness, and the paper surface is smooth. The commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white cardboard, and the most used is 230 white cardboard. The paper bags printed on white cardboard are full of color and the texture of the paper is very good. It is your first choice for customization.

White cardboard gift boxes

      2. White cardboard gift boxes

      White board paper is a kind of cardboard with a white and smooth front and a gray bottom on the back. The commonly used thickness is 250g-350g. White board paper is white on one side and gray on the other.

White cardboard gift boxes 

      3. Coated paper gift boxes

      Coated paper is characterized by very smooth and flat surface, high whiteness, high smoothness, and good gloss. It also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional effect. The commonly used thickness is 128 grams to 300 grams. Like white cardboard, the color is full and bright. Compared with white cardboard, its stiffness is not as good as that of white cardboard.

Coated paper gift boxes 

      4. Kraft paper gift boxes

      Also known as natural color kraft paper. It has high tensile strength, high toughness, usually brownish yellow in color, high tear strength, rupture and dynamic strength, and is widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc. Commonly used thickness of 120 grams -300 grams of natural color kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing monochrome or two-color manuscripts with uncomplicated colors. Compared with white cardboard and white kraft paper box coated paper, the price of yellow kraft paper is the lowest.

Kraft paper gift boxes