How to choose materials for packaging box printing?

Dec. 16, 2022

      The definition of packaging box is often said: it refers to micro corrugated cartons and folding cartons made of two materials: micro corrugated paper and cardboard. RX packaging will give you detailed answers below:

Packing box

      Packaging box printing generally has the following types:

      1,Ordinary brown corrugated boxes: the most commonly used ones are 5-layer corrugated boxes and 3-layer corrugated boxes, which are sealed with tape after packaging;

      2,White box: corrugated (3-layer or 5-layer) white box, non-corrugated white box, the product must be sealed with tape after packaging;

      3,Color box: with or without corrugated color box and corrugated color box;

      4,Display box: There are colored display boxes and display boxes with PVC covers, etc.;

      5,Gift box: generally used as the packaging of stationery, jewelry and other products.

      The commonly used packaging materials are as follows:

      1,Bubble paper/sponge/poly velvet/pearl cotton;

      2,White paper: ordinary white paper, crepe paper, copy paper;

      3,Carton category: white box, brown box, color box.

      Although compared with the product packaging box, the most important thing is to protect the goods inside, but whether the appearance of the packaging box is beautiful or not is a detail that must be considered, and it is also necessary to consider the economy and cost of packaging materials. . Now we should pay attention to the following items when choosing the packing box material:

      1, Adaptability: Usually, when we transport products, we need to consider that the packaging boxes used for our products can adapt to the transportation conditions, especially for some food products, we need to consider the weather and climate, the required distance and the mode of transportation, etc. , Affected by the climate in different regions, there will be different temperature differences, so the brand side needs to consider many aspects when choosing packaging materials. In addition, the requirements for packaging materials such as trains, airplanes, automobiles, and ships are also very different, so manufacturers must be able to understand what kind of packaging materials are used for what kind of transportation methods.

     2,Equality: The quality of a product itself must match the value of the outer packaging, and even the outer packaging should be higher than the value of the product itself, which plays a role in publicity. For example, you choose a high-end jewelry of several thousand yuan but only use one If it is packaged in a carton, it is not suitable. Therefore, the choice of packaging box materials should be divided into low-grade, mid-range, and high-grade according to the grade of the product itself. Just like some high-end electronic products, their value is relatively high and they are relatively easy to damage. In order to ensure the safety of their products, it is necessary to choose packaging materials with better performance. For products with relatively low prices, sometimes the sales volume is large, and economical and practical models should be considered, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, battery, etc.

      3,Aesthetics: With the development of society, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the appearance of packaging and printing products. In fact, if you want to know whether a commodity packaging is aesthetically pleasing to the public, it is mainly based on sales volume. , If the sales volume is good, then you can continue to choose the packaging of this product. The packaging box design must start from the consumer itself and meet the appetite of the consumer, so as to increase the sales volume of the product itself.

      The above is the relevant introduction on how to choose materials for the packaging box printing. The product packaging box has a great effect on increasing sales. I also hope that the brand side should be cautious when choosing packaging materials.