Custom production process of color box printing

Dec. 05, 2022

      The main process of color box production:

      1. Make documents: Before any color box production and printing, it is necessary to make documents, design the documents, design the color box printing documents, and complete the selection of color box materials at the same time. the

      2. Publishing and printing: After designing the color box printing document, there are two ways to publish it directly: one is to produce CTP directly, but to produce film. After it is finished, the machine is determined directly according to the color of the color box printing, the paper is cut, and then printed.

      3. Printed sheet surface treatment: After printing the paper, various treatments should be carried out on the surface of the color box to ensure the durability of the color box. Common surface treatment methods include: oil polishing, film coating (glossy/matte glue), UV, bronzing, etc.

      4. Mounting pit: the color box printed sheet is mounted after surface treatment. The mounting pit is printed and surface-treated surface paper + cardboard/pit paper (select the one that is suitable for breaking and transforming according to the proofing time. material)

      5. Beer/Die-cutting: First, the cutting mold is made, and the cutting mold needs to be determined according to the sample and the printed semi-finished product. Make sure you need the mold drawing, paste the back glue, and confirm that the finished product sample is correct, and start to use the beer machine to make goods. After the goods are finished, a lot of waste paper is needed.

      6. Gluing/nailing of the color box: Glue the color box to fix the connection parts according to the template, or nail it according to the template.

      7. Use kraft paper/or cartons to pack and ship the color boxes! The entire color box printing production process is almost completed.