What software should you use to design a picture book before it can be printed

Sep. 03, 2022

    RX-packaging is a large-scale printing factory that focuses on design, printing, and production. Every day, I travel in and out of printing. I feel that I have learned a lot. Today I have to discuss a knowledge about album design. Because of the printing business, I often receive calls from customers saying that they are printing albums, books, magazines, etc. Did I say that there are designed documents? Many of them will say yes, then we will quote according to no design, but in the end they all provide word or Excel slideshow tables, but files in this format cannot be printed, first of all, the pictures in the file are compressed before they are put in Yes, the printed pictures will not be clear at that time. Moreover, the documents produced are too simple and have no vivid expression, and the picture albums will not look good. If you really feel that we have done the printing, we will charge you unreasonable design fees. For a moment, you can download the template you want from the major material calendars and use PhotoShop to insert it, but this is not easy to do, but we Bo Lin Printing can be sure that we will collect your design fee and give you the design fee. Source File.

    Some friends like to make picture albums in CorelDRAW and some in Adobe Illustrator. It depends on how familiar each person is with the software, and some friends like to make picture album files in PhotoShop. These graphic design software make picture albums. There are advantages and disadvantages.


   First of all, let’s discuss how to make picture albums in PhotoShop. The advantage of PhotoShop as picture albums is that you can make the pictures you need perfectly. PhotoShop itself is a software for pictures, but it is inconvenient to adjust the position and add angle lines. When you do it carefully, the text will be hidden, and it will be difficult to find out when the goods are made. I suggest that you can make pictures in the picture book, but don't make files in it, because few printing manufacturers accept the files of PhotoShop.

    Picture album files in CorelDRAW: It is very common to create files in CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW is very convenient, but to make pictures, you still have to put the repaired pictures in PhotoShop. Except for this inconvenience, the rest of the places are perfect, such as adding angle lines, It is more convenient to bleed and modify the file, and the text will not be missed when turning the song. The CorelDRAW file must be directly put into the image and must not be imported, otherwise the link map will be missing, and the lack of the link map will be very troublesome and frustrating.

    Making picture book files in Adobe Illustrator: People who are very skilled in making files like to make picture books in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator includes PhotoShop and CorelDRAW. This software is fast and convenient for making boxes and books. Tools are complete.

    No matter which software is used to make a picture book, first of all, all the four-sided format and size must be given, and when the size is set, there is no need to change it when printing.