Printing recommends the box types commonly used by customers

Oct. 11, 2022

    Recently, many customers need packaging box printing manufacturers to print packaging boxes for their own products, but they are products of various industries. Some customers prefer traditional box types, and some customers want special boxes, which can stand out more. The box with the characteristics of our company's products, the RX-packaging proofing master made a summary for the box type that each customer likes, and recommends it to everyone to see if it can help you. Don't help when choosing a box type.

    1. Window color box box style:

    Normally, there are some boxes that require product packaging, but they can also allow customers outside to see their products at a glance. The material choices for this box are mostly cardboard and pit paper.

    2. Single plug (double plug) buckle bottom box

This kind of box is collectively referred to as the buckle bottom box. This kind of production is more convenient, and the product is automatically formed after loading. The commonly used paper for this kind of box is single-powder cardboard.

    3. Drawer box:

    To put it simply, if you are friends in the 70s, 80s and 90s, you should have seen the old matchboxes. The drawer box is the same as this box. This kind of box is atmospheric and cute. This kind of box After the product is installed, many people will like to collect it, especially the beautiful box, which is recommended for customers to use the material of the gray board gift box.

Packaging box manufacturer_RX-packaging

    4. Heaven and Earth Box

    The heaven and earth box is the most manufacturer's box type, which is a box with a lid and a bottom. This kind of box is suitable for products in every industry. This kind of Tiandihe also has a style that is automatically folded.

    5. Flip Box:

    The flip box can also be collectively referred to as a book box. This box looks like a three-dimensional book from a distance. One kind of flip box has an extension of the flip, and the other is the place where the flip above does not have that extension. This kind of box is also the most popular. Commonly used box types, of course, are also applicable to every industry.

    What are the box types that RX-packaging recommends customers to use? The above are boxes that can be used in various industries. There are more different box knowledge. I hope you can pay more attention.