Various packaging box processes most commonly used in packaging box factories

Oct. 08, 2022

Which of the various packaging box processes are most commonly used by packaging box factories? Do you know that with the current needs of various industries, many products will require packaging boxes of different grades. These packaging boxes are ordinary and high-end, and there are also some customers. If you like to do some simple surface treatment processes on the packaging box, follow the explanation of RX-packaging to understand the process of packaging boxes.

packaging box factory_RX-packaging

1) Over glue: There are two kinds of over oil, the light glue is a layer of bright film, the matte film is a kind of fuzzy retro feeling, the over film is to protect the printed matter

2) Hot stamping, red gold, purple gold, blue gold and more colors, the process name of hot stamping is hot pressing transfer printing, but the most commonly used name is product hot stamping

3) UV Partial UV full version UV, local UV is a bright layer of oil on many individual places, which makes it different from other parts. Full version UV is the entire layout is coated with oil, which can be painted according to customer requirements. Layers of Varnish and Matte

packaging box factory_RX-packaging

4) The beer model and the beer model are known to every company that makes boxes and bags. A piece of printed paper is surface-treated, and then the desired model is produced on the die-cutting machine, and finally the finished product is made. Shipment, jigging is some local text or pattern with a bumpy feel, which is different from other places.

5) Wrinkles, Jin Cong, Binghua, these are also a type of UV. They are all special processes of UV, which are generally used in color boxes and gift boxes. Wrinkles and Binghua are a name of UV. This process and name are The same, Jin Cong is colorful UV

6) Flocking is to brush a layer of glue on the paper, and then paste a layer of fluff-like material to make the paper look and feel a little flannel

7) Embossing Embossing is the most commonly used lining paper for packaging boxes. There are more than 100 embossing patterns for you to choose from. As long as the customer wants various patterns, we can do all kinds of patterns on the paper.

packaging box factory_RX-packaging

The above are the most commonly used printing surface treatment processes. Various processes have different styles, depending on what products the customer applies to. Customers who need to do various craft prints, please contact us, and we will answer you at any time.