Why is the packaging box difficult to make?

Feb. 08, 2023

The product needs to be on the market. The online advertisement and offline promotion in the early stage are all ready, and the packaging design is done. At this time, I owe Dongfeng to make the packaging box, and then I find that I have a headache, and it takes half a month to get it. Box. Even, you want to make fewer boxes in the early stage, and look at the market feedback after the product is launched. I am sorry, but there are too few custom-made packaging boxes, and the price has risen to an unbelievable level. What's more, the person in charge of the packaging factory you knew before told you, sorry, there are too many work orders recently, and the production cannot be produced. In fact, I just don't want to take your order, and I'm afraid of offending you, so I won't be able to cooperate later.

Why is it said that small batches of boxes are very expensive, and even many packaging factories do not accept orders directly.

Packaging box

The first production is difficult.

After a lot of effort, the brand owner finally confirmed the design draft with the design company and got the renderings. They happily went to the packaging factory to produce boxes, and then found that the packaging factory still needed the original draft from the design company. Design concept, check packaging material, process, structure, etc. In this way, a week and two weeks passed, and finally it was finalized, and the marketing department was notified to prepare the product to be launched, only to find that the packaging factory had to make a sample, and then produce a large product. In this way, it will take about 3-4 weeks to get the box. up.

Why are there so many obstacles and delays in getting products to market? Because the renderings produced by the design company are only pictures viewed on the computer, the packaging factory needs to make plates, print, mold, die-cut, etc. according to the design draft, and the renderings do not mean that there are real objects that match them. I often encounter customers who say that imagination is beautiful, but reality is cruel, and the design looks good, but it cannot be actually produced.

If you want to solve this problem, you need to find some packaging factories with design teams. This kind of design team will design the packaging box completely according to the production situation, and there will be no contradiction that the design draft cannot be actually produced. Moreover, the designers of the packaging factory can better connect with the production team, and the communication is barrier-free. There will be no situation of chicken talking with ducks, and the production cycle of the box will be shortened a lot.

The price of the second small amount of custom-made boxes is too expensive.

We all know that the packaging factory will make proofs when making boxes, and there is usually one proofing, so if one is willing to do it, is it also willing to do 500! If it costs 500 yuan to make a finished product sample, the proofing time is 2 days, and the working hour fee is about 70-100 yuan, which is acceptable. Produce 5,000 high-quality boxes, each 10 yuan, the gross profit of each box is 0.7-1 yuan, the overall gross profit is 3,500-5,000 yuan, and the production cycle of large goods is 1-2 weeks, which is also acceptable to brand owners.

Then the problem comes, if you only need 500 boxes, and the price of each box is 500 yuan, then many people are willing to come and make boxes for you. But you think the price difference between 5000 and 500 is too much, so you are naturally unwilling.

Then you must want to make 500 boxes for 10 yuan each, then the problem comes, at such a price, the gross profit of the packaging factory will become 350-500 yuan, this profit will be very miserable without thinking about it, let alone a knife plate fee It's all 300 yuan, so why does the packaging factory take your order?

Solution: For a small number of boxes, either change the material and replace it with a material suitable for small-scale production. Or go to buy a general-purpose packaging box to solve the immediate needs. Otherwise, we can only increase production and reduce the overall price.