What equipment is needed for the packaging box production process?

Jun. 02, 2023

With the development of the modern commercial market, the demand for the production of packaging boxes is increasing, and the production requires the use of various equipment. In the production process of packaging box, the equipment used in each link plays an important role. This article will introduce you the equipment needed in different stages.

Design phase

The design stage is the initial stage of packaging box production, and its importance is self-evident. A good design can maximize the use effect and aesthetics of the packaging box. Commonly used design software are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In addition, there are some auxiliary software that can be used to simulate the effect of the packaging box, such as Esko Artios CAD or 3D Max.

Plate making stage

Plate making is an important part of the packaging box production process, which requires the use of various plate making equipment to complete. Among them, the important ones are as follows:

(1) Grid plate making machine: Grid plate making is mainly used to make sheet plates and dot matrix plates, and its use is convenient for controlling texture quality and pattern imaging transfer.

(2) Direct illumination plate-making machine: This equipment mainly uses a light source to illuminate the plate-making material, so that the photosensitive adhesive forms a photoresist layer after being irradiated, and prevents the part of the photosensitive adhesive exposed to ultraviolet light from being exposed to the light during the developing process. Eliminates the effect of white spotting and obtains a more detailed pattern.

(3) CTP (Computer to Plate) machine: This is an advanced device that can directly convert electronic files into printed versions, with more advanced graphics quality, which can improve production efficiency.

Printing stage

The printing stage is one of the core links of packaging box production, which needs to be completed by using various printing equipment. Among them, the main equipment used are:

(1) Offset printing machine: Offset printing machine is a common printing equipment, which is composed of water and oil cylinders. The watermark cylinder mainly absorbs water, and the mimeograph cylinder absorbs ink to transfer the image from the layout to the part that needs to be printed, and the printing effect is better. exquisite.

(2) Embossing machine: The embossing machine uses the raised part of the printing plate to capture the pattern and achieve the printing effect. Due to the stable pressure and high printing precision of the embossing machine, it is often used for high-precision printing.

(3) Flexo printing machine: The flexo printing machine adopts three steps of "convex-print-transfer". The first two steps of printing are similar to letterpress printing. The transfer step transfers the image to the product to be printed.

Box stage

In the box-making process, the required equipment is:

(1) Paper cutter: A paper cutter is a machine used to cut paper into a specified size or shape, and can perform high-speed cutting well. This equipment is essential in the process of making packaging boxes.

auto die cut machine

(2) Laminating machine: The laminating machine is a machine used to bond paper or film materials together by hot pressing technology, and glue papers of different thicknesses and materials together to form an organic integrity structure.

(3) Folding machine: A folding machine is a machine used for folding operations in packaging boxes. It can automatically adjust the folding rollers according to the required size, saving time and improving production efficiency.

Finished product processing

In the final processing stage of the packaging box, the equipment that needs to be used is:

(1) Creasing machine: The creasing machine is a device that flattens the folding line in the packaging box, so that the kneading of the packaging box is accurate and beautiful.

(2) Hot stamping machine: Print the environmentally friendly hot stamping foil on the surface of the packaging box, and increase the degree of integration, reflectivity and texture.

In short, in the production process, each equipment that needs to be used plays an indispensable and important role. With the assistance of these devices, the packaging box not only improves the output efficiency, but also greatly improves the printing quality and production efficiency, so that the packaging box can better meet the needs of consumers, and also promotes the development of the packaging box industry and progress.