What are the finished product inspections in the packaging factory?

Jun. 01, 2023

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, packaging factories have become an indispensable part of the logistics industry. All kinds of enterprises will use different types of packaging materials and products in the production process, but if the quality of these materials and products cannot be guaranteed, there will be greater losses. In order to solve this problem, the packaging plant needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the finished product. This article will introduce the methods and common equipment for finished product testing in packaging plants.

Test room_RX packaging

1. Why do you need finished product testing?

In the production process of the packaging factory, all kinds of packaging materials and utensils produced must go through quality inspection. The finished product inspection is the inspection of the finished product to realize the quality assurance of the product.

There are many purposes for testing finished products, and the main reason is to meet the needs of customers. When consumers purchase products processed from packaging materials, they are most concerned about the quality of the products. The quality inspection can ensure that the product meets the quality standard, is safe and meets the needs of users. If the finished product is directly put on the market without testing, it will inevitably lead to quality problems such as flaky changes, bulging mold, and liquid leakage, which will eventually cause a lot of losses to users and affect the company's image.

2, The method of finished product testing

External assessment

Appearance inspection is one of the most basic methods of finished product inspection. It is to judge whether these materials meet the requirements for use by means of visual inspection, hand touch and light pressure. Appearance inspection mainly determines the quality of the material based on its color, luster, corrugation, banding, and texture.

Physical Performance Test

Physical performance testing refers to the use of force to detect material strength or stretchability, etc. Common test methods include compression test, tensile test, shear test and tear test. These tests can be used to evaluate properties such as strength, hardness and toughness of materials.

Chemical test

Chemical testing is mainly to detect whether unsafe or harmful substances are contained in finished products. Because some chemicals are easy to volatilize or melt during use, which has adverse effects on human health.

3. Commonly used finished product testing equipment

Tensile testing machine

Tensile testing machine is a multifunctional testing instrument, which is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of various materials. The instrument can test the strength, modulus, ductility, breaking strength, etc. of materials, and can detect the mechanical properties of various materials.

High speed camera

High-speed cameras can shoot high-speed moving objects to help analyze the characteristics of finished products in an instant. This equipment can help judge whether the packaging material is damaged and deformed after high-speed movement, so that it can be corrected.

X-ray machine

The X-ray machine can emit a certain amount of X-rays, and judge the internal structure and material of the item through the different reflectivity and absorptivity of different materials. In finished product inspection, X-ray machines can detect the internal composition and material of items that are difficult to detect on the surface, such as whether there are foreign objects in beverage packaging.

Temperature tester

The temperature tester can be used to detect the surface temperature and internal temperature of the finished product. There are many factors affecting the temperature. During the packaging process, improper temperature can easily cause deformation and deterioration.

Gas detector

Gas detectors are widely used in RX packaging, and can be used to detect the gas content in finished products and detect the presence of harmful gases, such as ozone. The gas detector can accurately measure the temperature, humidity, content and other parameters of the gas, which is very helpful for quality inspection.

To sum up, the inspection of finished products in packaging factories plays a very important role in the guarantee of product quality, the satisfaction of consumer needs and the establishment of corporate image. In the finished product inspection process, the use of the above equipment is very important, which can improve the accuracy, efficiency and cost control of finished product inspection.