What are the commonly used spot colors for packaging box printing?

May. 10, 2023

There are many kinds of spot colors commonly used in packaging box printing. Let RX packaging introduce you to the commonly used spot colors.:


Pantone is a professional color matching system used in the printing and painting industries. It contains hundreds of colors, each of which has a unique number, enabling the printing house to accurately reproduce any particular color. The advantage of the Pantone color card is that the color is very accurate, which can ensure that the color of each batch of products is consistent, and is suitable for the printing of high-quality packaging boxes.

Coated paper spot color

Coated Spot Color is a metallic sheen color suitable for high quality printing. The effect of spot color on coated paper is very bright and has a strong visual effect. This color is often used in high-end cosmetic packaging boxes, luxury handbags and other products.

packaging box

Pearl spot color

Pearlescent spot color is a color with pearlescent texture, which is usually used in the printing of high-end packaging boxes. The effect of this color is similar to that of pearl powder, which has an elegant feeling and is suitable for industries such as clothing and shoes.

Metallic spot color

Metallic spot color is a metallic luster color, divided into copper, gold, silver and other colors. The effect of this color is very gorgeous, suitable for high-end packaging boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes and other products.

Fluorescent spot color

Fluorescent spot colors are very vibrant, bright colors that are highly eye-catching. This color is suitable for products that need to attract consumers' attention, such as toys, stationery, etc.

In short, there are many kinds of spot colors commonly used in packaging box printing. Which spot color to choose depends on the characteristics of the product itself and the requirements of the printing effect. When choosing a spot color, it needs to be selected according to actual needs in order to achieve the best printing effect.