The difference between good and bad packaging box printing manual technology

May. 09, 2023

For manufacturers, the packaging box is an important part of the product. It not only protects the product, but also serves as an important carrier of brand activities to attract consumers' attention. In the process of manufacturing packaging boxes, printing technology is crucial. Traditional printing technology and manual printing technology have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following will discuss this issue from two aspects: the quality of manual technology and the quality of traditional printing technology.

First, the quality of manual printing technology

One of the great advantages of manual box printing is that it allows for a high degree of personalization. For some small-volume packaging box printing jobs, manual printing technology can simply and quickly meet the requirements. In addition, manual box printing technology can also guarantee the quality of each box 100%. Handmade box printing techniques, especially with the help of professional printers with certain experience and skills, can create exquisite, gorgeous and dreamy printing effects.

However, manual box printing technology also has various deficiencies. First of all, manual box printing technology requires a lot of time and professional skills. If the printing quantity is large, then the manual box printing technology is no longer suitable. Hand box printing techniques can also have accuracy and consistency issues when making high-volume products. In addition, the cost of manual box printing technology is much higher than traditional printing technology.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional printing technology

Traditional printing technology can quickly and cheaply complete large-scale printing needs. This technology can print hundreds or thousands of prints at the same time. Compared with manual box printing technology, the printing cost of traditional printing technology is more controllable. In addition, traditional printing techniques are faster and more consistent than manual box printing techniques. Traditional printing technology can quickly complete large-volume printing needs and ensure product quality.

packaging box

However, traditional printing technology is not easy to personalize. If you want to create a delicate print, you need high-end printing equipment and the skills of the printer. If the printing quality is not monitored and adjusted in time, then there will be more quality problems in traditional printing technology. For example, aspects such as color accuracy and visual effects need more attention.

In general, manual box printing technology is suitable for small batch printing needs and highly personalized requirements. Traditional printing technology is suitable for large-scale printing needs, but it is difficult for high-quality and personalized requirements. Therefore, when choosing a printing technology, different product needs and printing costs must be considered. Of course, if the manual box printing technology can be combined with the traditional printing technology, a more ideal printing effect can be achieved.