Various grades of wine packaging box technology

Mar. 07, 2023

There are various grades of wine on the market, and their packaging is also different. Let’s follow RX packaging today to learn about various grades of wine and the packaging process.

Low-end wine box packaging

Generally, it is made of white board paper, offset printing, hot stamping, embossing, and one-plate molding die-cutting. This is more suitable for the requirements of large batches and low cost of low-grade wine, and has good economy.

wine packaging box

Mid-range wine box packaging process  

This type of wine box packaging generally uses aluminum foil cardboard (such as gold cards, silver cards, copper cards, laser cards, etc.), and substrates with different light patterns are made according to needs. Various proprietary craft effects such as frosting, wrinkle glaze, pearl powder, matt, bright light, etc. can be made. After spot color printing, various shading, hot laser, anodized aluminum, embossing, UV varnish, etc. can be added on the surface. After the aluminum foil cardboard printing is completed, it will be pasted with the white board paper printed with brand, graphics and text to form a cardboard die-cutting shape.

High-end gift wine box packaging process

The processing and manufacturing process of high-end gift wine box packaging is relatively complicated, and different packaging uses different processes. If aluminum foil cardboard is used for printing, the processing technology is similar to that of mid-range packaging, the difference is that the printing surface is manually pasted on the cardboard.

Most of the high-end gift packaging boxes have decorative inner liners, which often play a certain role in beautifying and cushioning the products. This type of wine packaging lining is mostly made of foam plastic or PVC blister electrostatic flocking, corrugated cardboard, pulp molding products, etc. The surface can be silk, chemical fiber fabric, cotton and linen, etc. For high-end gift wine box packaging, the use of corrugated cardboard and pulp molded products for the inner packaging structure is the direction of future development. Enterprises with conditions can carry out some technological innovation and research and development in this regard.