Custom printing of packaging boxes

Mar. 08, 2023

Nowadays, the development of the times is very fast, and people's pursuit of brands is getting higher and higher, so many companies now have higher and higher requirements for product quality and product packaging, which can improve the company's brand awareness and good image, so that consumers Recognition of enterprise products will bring greater benefits to the enterprise. The requirements for custom printing of boutique boxes are also getting higher and higher. Because the structure of hardcover boxes of different products is different, it means that the printing process of hardcover boxes is different. Hardcover box custom printing refers to the company's requirement to print various decorative patterns, bronzing or embossing processes on the surface of the hardcover box to make the product and the hardcover box more attractive and make consumers feel that the products they buy are very high-end. Fashion. So what are our common hardcover box custom printing production processes?

packaging boxes

1. UV process: Generally, UV is placed on the product map or the brand name of the product, so that the surface of the printed matter is smooth and smooth, and the refraction effect makes the graphics and texts present a three-dimensional effect under strong light, which is more attractive to consumers.

2. Bronzing process: This process can make the pattern on the surface of the printed matter clear, beautiful, wear-resistant, and can improve the grade of the hardcover box.

3. Concave-convex embossing process: it can make the surface of the printed matter plastically deform, and emboss various convex graphics and patterns, so that the surface of the printed matter itself shows patterns of different depths, with a clear sense of relief, which enhances the three-dimensionality of the printed matter sense and artistic appeal.

In addition to these three processes, there are hot silver, embossing process, flocking process, lamination process, glazing process, die-cutting and indentation process, as well as laser embossing transfer process and freezing point snowflake process. Diversified crafts There are also many materials and materials for custom printing of hardcover boxes, so hardcover boxes appear with different materials and processes, and customers' demand choices are also diversified.