RX Packaging creates Taiwanese Qianjin cigarette gift box

Jan. 30, 2024

RX Packaging once again demonstrates its unique design and manufacturing capabilities, this time designing an eye-catching cigarette gift box for Taiwanese Qian Jin. The yellow color used by ancient emperors is used, and a simple drawing is printed on the surface. The brand name of the product is outlined in the shape of a copper coin, showing the unique ingenuity of the design. This foldable packaging box is not only convenient for transportation, but also a perfect response to Taiwan Qianjin’s brand positioning and needs.

cigarette gift box

Unique design highlights brand personality

The appearance design of the cigarette gift box is unique and eye-catching. The yellow color used by ancient emperors not only reflects the nobility and dignity of the brand, but also highlights the uniqueness of the gift box in color. The simple drawing method presents the image of mostly copper coins, which not only shows the brand name of Qianjin, but also cleverly combines the meaning between cigarettes and money, making the entire design more meaningful.

Combination of exquisite manufacturing and convenient transportation

The cigarette gift boxes designed by RX Packaging are not only unique in appearance, but also pay great attention to details in the manufacturing process. The entire packaging box adopts a foldable design, which is not only convenient for users to open and close, but also provides convenience for customers' transportation. This ingenious combination reflects RX Packaging's mastery of manufacturing processes and deep understanding of customers' actual needs.

Communicate brand information efficiently

Through the design of simple drawings, this cigarette gift box not only highlights the brand name, but also cleverly conveys the core characteristics of the brand. The image of the copper coin not only echoes the brand name, but also fits the identity of cigarettes as luxury goods, effectively conveying the brand's unique charm.

cigarette gift box

RX Packaging’s expertise

RX Packaging is a factory specializing in packaging box design, processing, customization and production, with more than ten years of rich experience. They not only focus on the originality of design, but are also known for their exquisite manufacturing technology and deep understanding of customer needs. The cigarette gift box designed for Taiwan Qianjin once again proves RX Packaging's professional strength in the industry.

RX Packaging once again demonstrates their excellence in the packaging industry through the design of this cigarette gift box. Unique design, exquisite manufacturing technology and deep understanding of customer needs make RX Packaging the preferred partner of many brands.