Liquor gift box designed by RX Packaging for Maotai Town

Jan. 31, 2024

RX Packaging once again demonstrated its design and manufacturing excellence by designing an eye-catching liquor gift box for Maotai Town. Featuring a clamshell design, the surface is based on a clever combination of brown and gold, with exquisite diamond grid printing, highlighting the brand's unique features on the front. The interior is well designed, with an integrated inner support and golden yellow fabric as a foil, giving it a luxurious and elegant visual effect. The overall design not only conforms to the customer's positioning, but also fully meets the customer's needs, demonstrating RX Packaging's profound knowledge in the packaging industry.

Liquor gift box

Unique design highlights brand characteristics

The appearance design of the liquor gift box is unique and adopts a flip-top design, which gives people a noble and elegant feeling. The surface is a blend of brown and gold, showcasing the quality and tradition of Moutai Town Baijiu through a clever combination. The specially designed diamond grid printing not only embellishes the overall appearance, but also highlights the unique characteristics of the brand, adding a unique taste to the gift box.

Interior design exudes luxury

RX Packaging also pays attention to exquisite design on the inside of the gift box. The integrated inner support makes the bottle stable and not easily damaged. The golden yellow fabric on the inner cover not only enhances the sense of luxury, but also adds color to the noble quality of the liquor. The overall internal and external design is harmonious and unified, allowing the liquor gift box to highlight the brand image in every detail.

Extraordinary manufacturing reflects professional strength

As a leader in the packaging industry, RX Packaging is not only unique in design, but also shows extraordinary strength in manufacturing technology. The flip-top design of the liquor gift box is not only convenient for opening and closing, but also provides convenience for users to display the wine bottle. RX Packaging's manufacturing process is exquisite, ensuring that every product is of high quality.

Professional services that put customer needs first

With more than ten years of experience in packaging box design, processing, customization, and production, RX Packaging has always put customer needs as its top priority. This liquor gift box designed for Maotai Town fully takes into account the customer's brand image and product features, both in appearance design and internal structure, and provides customers with highly professional services.

Liquor gift box

RX Packaging's liquor gift box design reflects a deep understanding of brand characteristics and a precise grasp of user needs. The unique appearance design, luxurious internal structure and efficient manufacturing process make this gift box not only impressive, but also an outstanding representative of the extraordinary quality of Maotai Town liquor. RX Packaging's professional strength in the field of packaging design will continue to bring more surprises to major brands.