How to Store Perfume?

Aug. 18, 2022

The best way to keep a perfume fresh for as long as possible is to keep it in a dark, dry place. But how long does a new perfume last? Not only does perfume dilute and lose its delicious charm over time, but discolouration and degradation can make it unpleasant to smell. If not stored properly, perfumes can start to deteriorate after a few months. To solve this problem, here are tips on how to store perfume.


1. Store your perfume in a dark place

Perfume bottles can be as luxurious as mini chandeliers - rainbows and crystal face spill into your bedroom when the sun shines on them. However, they should not be used as the centrepiece of a dressing table.


Unfortunately, the introduction of light can destroy the composition of a scented liquid and, if it is plastic, it can also melt its bottle. To avoid altering the sensitive DNA of your perfume, store your bottle in a place free from natural and artificial light to make your perfume last longer.

 Perfume Box

 Perfume Box

2. Store your perfume in a dry place

H 2 O is a force to be reckoned with. Similar to other substances, damage from water can spoil a fragrance. Humidity affects the composition of perfumes and can lead to unwanted chemical reactions.


This may be difficult to avoid if you are in a humid environment, so take extra care if this is the case. Do you have a room with a dehumidifier? This is the ideal place to store your perfume to prevent it from evaporating.


3. Avoid storing perfumes in the bathroom

Yes, it's called an eau de toilette. No, it shouldn't be stored in the bathroom. The most common storage mistake made by perfume owners is to leave the bottle in the bathroom.


Reiterating the need to store perfumes in a dry place, bathrooms have extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations - the perfect mix for a perfume graveyard. Instead, find a wardrobe or cupboard outside the bathroom to store your perfume.

Perfume Box

  Perfume Box     

4. Keeping your perfume in its original box

If in doubt, simply look at the original box in which the perfume came. Although the cardboard may look flimsy and irrelevant, these boxes were used to hold fragrant elixirs.


Storing the bottle in its original box will greatly extend the life of the perfume. When used with a wardrobe or dark cupboard, you will have a safe and secure method of essential endurance.  

5. Storing perfumes on lower shelves

Although this may seem obvious, it's an important tip to keep in mind. Keeping top perfumes on the top shelf is a recipe for failure. Spilling a bottle of perfume is sad and unnecessary and will leave the room smelling strongly for weeks.


Even if the bottle doesn't break, the turbulence of landing can break chemical bonds and ruin the scent. Aim low when storing perfume in a shelved area.


If you're trying to figure out how to display perfume, low shelves are your risk-free storage option!


6. Keeping a constant temperature

Keep your perfume cool and constant. Make sure your bottle is in a place where there are no polar temperatures - hot or cold. 60 degrees is the best position you should aim for.

Perfume Box

 Perfume Box    

7. Check your perfume for discolouration

Rather than storage tips, it's a good habit to keep. A discoloured perfume can mean that any of the above precautions have gotten a little out of hand. It all depends on the ingredients.


A mixture made with natural ingredients will darken over time, but its scent will remain the same. On the other hand, synthetic fragrances do not mean discolouration or greasiness. If such a transformation occurs, it is an indication that your fragrance may lose its pleasing scent and longevity.  


8. Transporting perfumes safely with a safety box and padding

If you intend to transport your perfume, you will need to use a suitable perfume storage box to transport your perfume from point A to point B. As glass can easily break, consider storing your perfume bottles in some bubble wrap, tape and packing materials such as newspaper or Styrofoam in a sealable cardboard box.


9. Can you keep your cologne in the fridge?

There is a lot of debate on this topic, but you can actually store perfumes in the fridge - depending on the type of fragrance they are. The cold temperatures of the fridge can upset the delicate chemical balance of the perfume. However, you can feel free to store colognes and eau de toilette in the fridge as their chemistry is much stronger.


It only makes sense that the perfume is delicate. Fragile chemistry and fragile bottles can lead to disaster if they are not carefully looked after.


But don't worry. With the right precautions, even the most expensive perfumes can be kept completely safe.