How To Sell Local Gift Boxes Online?

Apr. 22, 2022

Have you ever had one of those moments when a package arrives and you start to feel dizzy when you know someone has sent a local gift box your way? 

Thankfully, as an experienced provider, you can use your savvy knowledge to enjoy some extra income. No matter what kind of experience you offer - one element of working in the travel and tourism industry is that you are already a local expert. 

Let's say you're looking for a solution to a seasonal slowdown or limited guest capacity for face-to-face travel. Wouldn't it be easy to benefit from your community connections by selling local gift boxes?

In this case, your knowledge of "must-see" attractions gives you an advantage in knowing what your customers like. Let's explore whether offering a gift box service is a good fit for your existing travel business. 

Gift Box

Gift Box

Why offer local gift boxes?

Especially during the holidays, customers shift their attention from shopping for themselves to giving gifts to colleagues, friends, and family. For many, one of the tough decisions is choosing what to give friends and family. Gift box services involve collecting local items, wrapping them in an attractive format, and delivering them to the recipient. They end up being a delightful gift-giving experience that goes beyond the usual gifts on any given day. 

After two years of curbing or altering celebrations due to a virus, people are seeking more experiential gifts for loved ones. Thankfully, carefully-curated gift boxes are available to meet the needs of a variety of recipients. Surprisingly, there was no shortage of available gift box options. Between clothing, chocolates, cheese, crafts, and spa gifts, narrowing down the selection may be the way to find something that excites you.

Connecting with customers 

For many customers, face-to-face contact trumps social media. Even the Harvard Business Review shares how much people appreciate the value of real-life interactions. Whether you can meet your guests in person or not, use email and social media marketing tools to keep people informed of your latest offers.

One way to let customers know about new offerings is to automate your mailing list and send out monthly or quarterly surveys. By tailoring your messaging and marketing to your audience, you'll continue to learn what works to capture attention. Assume they don't know your business and look at all your touchpoints to connect with your customers. 

 Hinged Box

Hinged Box

How to Start Selling Local Gift Boxes Online 

Local gift boxes offer more than just great flavors and trinkets. They can serve as a way to celebrate local artisans and build business relationships with small-scale producers - something you may already be well versed in.

For example, if you offer a local trek that includes some of the best flavors your city must offer, you're already one step ahead of your competitors. 

Through existing partnerships, local gift boxes - allow guests from further afield to experience the flavors of your area. The unique selling point of the gift box service is that it serves as a one-stop store, offering the trifecta of convenience, experience, and gift. 

Not sure how to assemble a gift box that will excite your customers?

Trust your instincts and build on what you offer to your existing customer base.

Define your target audience

If you have a group of travelers who buy activities or trips from you, you probably know what they like. Start here, build on that knowledge and dig deeper to discover what your guests are most excited about when they're out hiking. Look at the demographics of who has already purchased from you and what they rave about in their reviews. And feel free to reach out to past customers to find out what stood out from their past experiences.

If you want to know more information about the best gift box, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.