How to choose a custom gift packaging box?

Oct. 31, 2022

    Gift-giving is no longer a gift for a certain person or group of people, but has evolved into a gift for all people. There are many different kinds of gifts, and all kinds of products. Therefore, there are a lot of options for gift packaging box customization, which box type is the cheapest and high-grade? What are the most common box types for gift packaging boxes? Here is RX-packaging's analysis.

How to choose a custom gift box?cid=5

    The most common box types are as follows: the ordinary heaven and earth box, the heaven and earth box with an inner enclosure, the flip box and the drawer box; among them, the ordinary heaven and earth box is the cheapest. This box type is also one of the most popular box types used by many gift packaging box customizers. There are two main reasons, one is that this box type saves material compared to other box types; the second is that this box type is the only one that can be produced with machine automation. Save material will be destined to save money, machine automation will save labor. I believe that we all understand that the cost of labor in China has become increasingly high, and the machine will be faster than the manual, which is destined to save costs.

    Many people will ask the gift packaging box customization is to be more high-grade, that with ordinary heaven and earth box will not affect the high-grade it? The answer is no, the common material and the same process will not be lower grade than other box types. Of course, if you feel that it is not high grade enough, there is a way to RX-packaging, that is, to use a box with an inner strip. If you need gift box customization service, choose RX-packaging to save you money and heart.