What is the highest state of packaging box design?

Oct. 06, 2022

    For a product, if the packaging box is sloppy and the appearance is poor, maybe no one is willing to spend money to understand the inside of the product. On the contrary, even if it is a poor product, but the box is beautiful, as long as it is placed on the shelf, it can still trick many people into buying it home. Therefore, a good packaging box can really determine the sales of the product.

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    How can the packaging box be the ultimate? When I was a child, I read a fable called "Buy a casket for a bead". It said that the packaging box was so beautiful that the buyer actually wanted the packaging box and gave up the jewelry, although this idiom is to criticize some people who only value appearance and ignore the essence. Out of the improper choice of the fundamental and the last, giving up the main precious things and choosing the secondary bad things. But it clearly tells us on the other hand that as long as the packaging is beautiful, there is no product that cannot be sold. As a packaging box, it should be the highest level to be able to "buy the casket and return the pearl".

packaging box design manufacturer_RX-packaging

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