Development Status of Cosmetic Packaging Box Printing

Sep. 26, 2022

    With the rapid development of science and technology, the customization of cosmetic packaging boxes and various packaging and printing technologies have been continuously combined with emerging technologies and marginal disciplines to innovate and make breakthroughs in strategic high-tech fields, and many new technologies have emerged, such as electrostatic printing, inkjet printing and digital printing technology. At the same time, from the perspective of today's printing technology development trend, my country's printing press manufacturing technology is rapidly developing in the direction of high automation, linkage, intelligence, digitization, networking and multi-color multi-function.

Cosmetic Packaging Box_RX-packaging

    With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, flat, convex, concave and other printing processes and special printing processes will develop. Different printing processes have different characteristics and suitable printing ranges. They will coexist for a long time and complement each other. occupy a place in it.

Cosmetic Packaging Box_RX-packaging

    1. Flatbed printing will remain the main force. Lithographic printing is simple in plate making, light in plate material, fast in plate loading, and can quickly produce large-format color printing products with good quality and accurate overprinting, especially suitable for printing products with rich pictures and texts. In recent years, lithography technology has been continuously integrated with high, sophisticated and sophisticated new technologies such as optics, chemistry and electronic computer technology, reflecting the contemporary high-tech level.

    2. Gravure printing will continue to develop steadily. The advantages of gravure printing have always been high speed, wide format, low consumption and low downtime, resulting in the best prints on a variety of substrates.

    3. There will be breakthroughs in letterpress printing technology. Letterpress printing is a traditional printing process in my country. It has a good technical foundation, low investment, and is suitable for packaging printing of small batches, small formats, and special specifications. It is not demanding on paper and ink materials, and can adjust the printing pressure and printing pressure in a large format. Control the amount of ink, so that the printing quality can reach an ideal level, and it has a wide range of applications.

    4. Screen printing will be more active. As a representative of stencil printing, screen printing in my country has always been based on the workshop production method, and it is considered that it can only produce lines and large color block products and cannot be elegant. In today's great technological change, modern screen printing equipment, materials and processes have injected new vitality into the screen printing process.

Cosmetic Packaging Box_RX-packaging

    The latest modern technology has been widely used in new printing equipment, including computer remote control, automatic plate loading, digital control of automatic registration, automatic fault monitoring and display, shaftless technology, servo technology, ion spraying technology, optical fiber conduction technology, etc. For example, the application of harmonic drive technology in printing presses has the advantages of multiple gears, large transmission ratio, small size, light weight, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, and stable transmission rate, which is conducive to improving the speed and working accuracy of the printing press. , so that the printing production efficiency and the printing quality of the products are better taken into account.