Common problems of color box printing (2)

Jan. 29, 2023

During the process of offset printing itself, some quality problems are usually prone to occur. So how do we solve these problems?

1. Network congestion

The phenomenon of printing dot clogging is relatively common, and dot clogging has a certain relationship with the printing plate. When making a printing plate, the anilox roller and the printing plate have mismatched line counts, and if it is made too high, plate jamming will occur. Generally, the ratio of the anilox roller to the printing plate is 1:4.5, that is to say, the anilox roller is 250 mesh, and if the mesh line reaches 65 lines, the dot printing blockage will occur.

2. Printing Lu Bai

The hardness of the printing plate is higher than 45 degrees, and it is very easy to appear white when printing large color blocks. Because the hardness of the printing plate is too high, the ink transferability of the printing plate will be reduced, which means that the amount of ink used will be directly reduced, resulting in insufficient ink coverage on the paper, resulting in whitening of the printing.

3, The color registration is not allowed

During the production process of the printing plate, the wrong scaling ratio or different bleeding of the printing plate will also cause color registration inaccuracy. The scaling ratio of the printing plate is calculated according to the circumference of the printing machine cylinder. If the calculation is wrong, the size of the pattern will change and cause color registration to be inaccurate.

Color box

4, The printing is not clear

The unclear printing is mainly reflected in whether the printed pattern has been printed or not, and some have been printed pasty. This is mainly due to the poor flatness of the printing plate during the plate making process, and the phenomenon of high and low. This situation can be said to be very common. . Generally, in this kind of situation, only use tape to raise the back of the printing plate to make the printing surface flat.

5. Printing double image

The printing double image caused by the printing plate is mainly caused by the printing plate’s edge not being smoothed during the printing production process, resulting in printing quality problems caused by the outward extrusion of the printing plate, and also printing burrs. The only way to completely solve it is to remake the printing Version.

6. Printing errors

In the process of cardboard, there are errors in the content of printed patterns. The most common types are text errors and less printed patterns. The only way to solve this kind of problem is to improve the carton inspection ability of printing machine personnel.

7. The position of the printing plate is incorrect

The incorrect position of the printing plate is mainly caused by human factors. In the process of making the printing plate, the typesetting position is not placed according to the specified position, resulting in incorrect printing position. Troubleshooting this type of problem requires careful checking of printed manuscripts by press personnel.

8. Printing text paste

There are similarities between blurred and unclear printed text, but the most common reason here is the problem of the plate making process, especially when the text is relatively small, the depth of the printing plate is too shallow when the plate is washed, and the ink will accumulate when printing starts At the printing edge, it is easy to block the printing plate, causing the printed text to be blurred. Once such problems arise, they can only be solved by remaking the printed version.