Classification of packaging boxes

Aug. 26, 2022

There are many kinds of packaging boxes, such as Lid and base packaging boxes, drawer packaging boxes, book-shaped packaging boxes, etc., and these packaging boxes have a common feature that they are made by manually folding packaging boxes.

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1. One of the manual folding packaging boxes is a flap box: the box refers to a folding carton with the cover and the box body combined. The design forms of the cover are: a flat foldable cover without side edges, a cover with two side edges and a foldable cover, and a foldable cover with several folded covers freely folded. Most of them are formed by only one piece of cardboard, and there are many styles. They are roughly divided into three-dimensional shake-lid boxes, flat-body shake-lid boxes, cube shake-lid boxes, polygonal shake-lid boxes, and spacer shake-lid boxes.

2. Manual Folding Box No. 2 Carrying Box: Portable box is another new structural form in modern carton packaging. Its biggest feature is that it is easy to carry. This kind of shape structure is equipped with a handle on the box body, if it is interspersed in the upper part of the box cover. The box evolved from the shake-lid box, which was first used to hold alcohol, and later widely used for daily necessities and food packaging. According to different shapes, suitcases are divided into square suitcases, cylindrical suitcases, fan-shaped suitcases, semi-circular suitcases, septum-shaped suitcases and polygonal suitcases.

3. In addition to the two types of boxes described above, there are actually drawer boxes, display boxes, also called display boxes, liquid boxes, combined boxes, window boxes, and allogeneic boxes. Because the packaging industry is changing with each passing day, diversification has appeared, and people's lives have become more and more convenient.