What kind of packaging color box is considered good?

Jun. 13, 2023

Many products in the market are beautifully printed and packaged because of the time and effort that went into the production process. It's not easy to make good packaging. There are still many people who don't know what kind of packaging color box is good. There is no clear definition standard for the packaging customization market, but in the basic printing knowledge, we can judge by the following two points.

packaging color box

1. The printing content is required to be realistic

Now when you buy products, you often see that the content on the packaging color box is very beautiful, but after you buy it, you will find that the product does not match the content on the outer packaging box. This behavior It is a serious violation of the law, but it seems that not many people care about it nowadays. The purpose of printing on the packaging box is to attract everyone's attention. If you feel deceived when you open the packaging box, you will have a bad impression of the product, so I still advise you to let the printed content Be more realistic.

2. The printed content should be beautiful

If you simply put the introduction of the product on it, it will not attract everyone's attention, because it is too simple after all, and everyone still prefers aesthetic products, so if the design of the packaging color box is still To add some beautiful content. For example, the use of some colors needs to give people a sense of comfort and brightness. Of course, some designs use dark colors to highlight the brand grade, etc., try to be as unobtrusive as possible and not cause discomfort to people.