What are the items to be communicated when customizing corrugated folding packaging boxes?

Jul. 11, 2023

If you want custom corrugated folding boxes, here are a few important things you may need to communicate with RX Packaging:

1. Size and Shape: Determine the exact size and shape of the folding box required. You will need to provide the dimensions and weight of the items you are packing to ensure the box is large enough to hold and support the items.

2. Material and quality: choose the appropriate corrugated cardboard material. Discuss the corrugated board types and thicknesses available with RX Packaging to ensure the box has the strength and durability needed.

3. Printing and design: Determine the design and printing requirements of the packaging box. You can provide your own design files, or work with RX Packaging to design a box that matches your branding. Discuss details like printing, colours, graphics and branding.

4. Construction and Assembly: Discuss the construction and assembly of the folding box. Make sure that the box has a proper folding design and easy assembly to make it easier for the user to assemble and open the box.

corrugated folding packaging boxes

5. Quantity and delivery time: Determine the quantity and delivery time requirements of the boxes you need. This will help RX Packaging assess production costs and create production plans.

6. Price and payment terms: Negotiate pricing and payment terms for the box. Find out the cost of a custom corrugated folding box and discuss details like payment methods, payment timing and refund policies with RX Packaging.

7. Samples and Production Process: RX Packaging is requested to provide box samples to evaluate quality and design. Quality control and acceptance procedures during production can also be discussed.

8. Shipping and Packaging: Discuss how the box will be shipped and packed. Make sure the box is properly protected during shipping and complies with relevant shipping standards.

As a professional factory with more than ten years of experience, RX Packaging should be able to provide a full range of services from R&D, customization, processing to production, and provide professional advice. Make sure to have full communication and consultation with them to ensure that you end up with a corrugated folding box that meets your requirements.